How Much Are Kenya Defense Force(KDF) Officers Paid? Army, Navy and Air Force Soldiers

Kenya defense force comprises of the Kenya Army, Kenya Navy and the Kenya Air force Soldiers. KDF are charged with defending and protecting the territories of the country from external attacks. Joining KDF is one of the best thing as you stand to build a career and get involved in protecting the country.

Kenya Defense forces Ranks and Salaries: So, how much are Kenya defense force officers paid. KDF officers are the most highly paid public security officials in the country. The highest paid KDF officer is the Chief of Defense force officer while the lowest paid officer is the private non-commissioned officer.

kdf salaries

Joining the forces is not a walk in the park as only a selected few who pass the recruitment process are selected. To join Kenya Defense force one must follow the recruitment procedures that are usually announced and done yearly across the country. Training of Army officers is done at Moi Barracks in Eldoret.

Kenya defense force salaries
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Kenya defense force salaries are pegged on rank, education level and years of service. The Salaries and Remuneration Commission of Kenya, reviews salaries of Kenya defense Force (KDF) Officers after every four years.

Salaries and Ranks Of Kenya Defense Force

Understanding Various ranks and disciplines within the Kenya Defense forces

Individuals join the Kenya defense Forces at various entry levels. Below are some disciplines and levels of entry into KDF with the salaries to expect.

  • Non- Commissioned Officers Ranks and Salaries

Under the Non-Commissioned Officers we have the below ranks from the lowest to the highest

  • Private ( Salary: Sh.19,900 to Sh.30,000 per Month)
  • Corporal (Salary: Sh.26,500 to Sh.50,000 per month)
  • Sergeant ( Salary: Sh.32,250 to Sh.70,000 Monthly)
  • Senior Sergeant ( Salary: Sh.40,000 to Sh.70,000 per Month)
  • Warrant officer II (Salary: 73,200 to Sh.150,000 per Month)
  • Warrant Officer I ( Salary: Sh. 73,200 to Sh.150,000 per Month)

Apart from the Non-Commissioned officers we also have the commissioned officers ranks.

  • Commissioned Officers Ranks and Salaries

Commissioned officers fall under the below ranks from the lowest to the highest

  • Cadet ( Salary: Sh.7,000 to Sh.9,000 per Month)
  • Second Lieutenant ( Salary: Sh. 130,735 to Sh.180,000 per Month)
  • Lieutenant ( Sh.130,735 to Sh. 180,000 per Month)
  • Captain (Sh.73,100 to Sh.110,000 per Month)
  • Major ( Salary: Sh.102,000 to Sh.150,000 per Month)
  • Lieutenant Colonel ( Salary: Sh.130,735 to Sh.180,000 per Month)
  • Colonel ( Salary: Sh.153,300 to Sh.300,000 per Month)
  • Brigadier ( Salary: Sh.153,300 to Sh.300,000 per Month)
  • Major General ( Salary: Sh.102,106 to Sh.150,000 per Month)
  • Lieutenant General ( Salary: Sh.632,900 to 800,000 per month)
  • General ( Salary: Sh.894,897 to 1,000,000 per month)

Army officers Salaries

The Kenya Defense Forces falls under the Ministry of Defense

Below is a brief Summary of Kenya Defense forces salaries in accordance with the rank and position.

KDF Salary Table

NumberRankPay Per Month (Ksh)
1Chief of Defense ForcesKsh 1,120,000
2Deputy Chief of Defense ForcesKsh 927,500
3Commander of the Kenya Air ForceKsh 906,014
4Commander of the Kenya NavyKsh 902,432
5Lieutenant-GeneralKsh 632,984
6ColonelKsh 153,317
7Lieutenant- ColonelKsh 130,735
8MajorKsh 102,106
9CaptainKsh 73,182
10CorporalKsh 32,250
11Lance CorporalKsh 26,509
12PrivateKsh 19,941


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