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How to  Maximize Your Adsense Ads Revenue

If you are a publisher with the aim of generating revenue through content monetization, you are probably using Adsense to monetize your website’s content and generate revenue.

Whereas Google Adsense has for the longest time been the main content monetization network for most websites and publishers, revenue one can generate from the network has drastically fallen over years compared to website visitors. To many this remains to be the main network, what, if I told you there is a way you can improve and maximize your Adsense ads revenue performance and generate more money than before? Yes, indeed you can do that and you do that with Ezoic.

The best way to maximize your Adsense Revenue

With your adsense ads you can use a Google Certified Publisher Partner to improve the way your adverts are presentment to your readers. One of the best Google Certified Ads Partner that I have fallen in love with is Ezoic.

I have been using ezoic to manage my ads for a while now and the results are encouraging.

Monetize your content with Ezoic

If you are currently an Adsense publisher and your website receives 10,000 page views and above per month, you have the perfect opportunity to increase your ad revenue by 50% -300% within three months by signing up with ezoic.

The good news is that as from June 2021, Ezoic scrapped the 10,000 pageview requirement and you can now get Ezoic approval even with less traffic.

Ezoic also approves some non Adsense publishers as well after close scrutiny. One advantage with Ezoic is that, payment is made monthly and their minimum payout is $20. With Ezoic you also decide the percentage of traffic they should manage and the percentage adsense should manage. You can also opt out easily if you are not satisfied with their services but am sure once you test their services you will be happy as your revenue will go up like never before.

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Ezoic is a Google Certified Partner and runs display Ads just like Adsense. Unlike Adsense which treats every reader equally, Ezoic relies on (AI) machine learning that matches each reader with appropriate ads. This way your readers are presented with more appropriate ads that fits them.

Ezoic does this through their ad testing mechanism that identifies and matches each reader with the appropriate Adverts. The ad testing also reduces the hassle of publishers trying to figure out where to place the ads. With Ezoic you randomly pick tens of placeholders, but Ezoic will determine the perfect position to place the adverts according to each reader’s behavior.

This way, as a publisher your sole role remains creating great content as Ezoic makes sure you earn more money.

Adsense ads revenue

How Ezoic Work

Ezioc competes with other Ad networks on your site to make sure they place adverts from the highest bidder on your site. Depending on the percentage of traffic you direct to them. Ezoic will compete with networks such as Adsense for the available Ad space on your site. If Adsense wins, Adsense Ads will be displayed but if Ezoic wins Ezoic Ads will be displayed. By allowing Ezoic to utilize most of your traffic, this ensures your website displays Ads from the highest bidders.

“When the intent is there, display ads work exceptionally well. But, in order to make more money with display ads, your strategy needs to be focused on advertiser demand.

Initially, ad networks would sell ad inventory at lower prices than what the publishers would get in direct sales.

But, that trend has changed thanks to today’s super-competitive online advertising world. Now, ad networks offer higher prices than what the publishers originally quoted in an effort to deliver the desired results to advertisers who are clamoring for the best inventory” Ezoic Stated

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“The advertisers are happy, and the publisher makes more money—everyone wins. And it all begins with great content that is focused on commercial intent.” They further affirms.

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Making money with Ezoic

Advantages of Using Ezoic.

Ezoic has many advantages than you can imagine. Below are some of the benefits of using Ezoic as your Ad network.

  1. Ezoic has low traffic requirements than most ad networks, with a minimum of 10,000 monthly visitors, your application is likely to be approved. However, as from June 2021, Ezoic scrapped the 10,000 pageview requirement and you can now get Ezoic approval even with less traffic.
  2. Unlike most Ad networks that require traffic from specific countries, Ezoic is open to publishers from any part of the world.
  3. Ezoic have a good customer relationship with their client. Once you have been approved with Ezoic, you are a signed to your point of contact. Your point of will be ready to answer your questions and assist you with any challenge you may face.
  4. Easy Configuration. Ezoic has straight forward configuration process. They have a plugin that you can easily install and hit the road. However, if you do not like adding more plugins to your site, use their most recommended configuration method of pointing your site’s Nameservers to Ezoic. This is the best method and works perfectly.
  5. Best dashboard. Ezoic have the best dashboard for publishers compared to most Ad networks out there. In their dashboard, you can easily follow your daily earnings and even earnings per each post.
  6. You are assured of Earnings Per 1000 Views with Ezoic than most networks that majorly pays when viewers click on the ads. Their RMP method represented as EPMV is the best and ensures maximum revenue.
  7. True to their words, Ezoic makes sure you see a difference compared to Ad network such as Adsense. However, after configuring your site with Ezioc , it takes time for Ezoic to learn the behavior of your site visitors and know how to serve them best. Ezoic promises to increase your ad revenue to up to 300% within 3 months. Indeed ,in less than 3 months I have seen my ad revenue grow by 200%.
  8. Payment threshold. Ezoic offers a minimum pay out of $20. The money is wired direct to your bank regardless of where you are.
  9. You are always on the safer side. considering the fact that Ezoic is a Google Certified Partner,the risk of getting banned by Adsense due to Ad placement policy violation will be a thing of the past. Ezoic perfectly places ads in full adherence to Google rule.
  10. Increased revenue. All said and done, Ezoic makes sure you smile all the way to the bank.
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Ezoic machine learning for publishers
Disadvantages of Ezoic
  1. Signing up with Ezoic means you agree they place a small sticky Ad at the bottom of the screen. Considering you will be earning from it as will and its does appear on Adsense Ads as well it will cause no pain to have the Ad at the bottom of the screen.
Is Ezoic Free to Join?

Is ezoic free to join the answer is yes. Ezoic offers free services for publishers however you can opt for a paid plan that ensures extra customization and removal of the bottom Ad. You can use the Ezoic link here to join for free and access unlimited services from Ezoic.

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