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‘Transaction failed’-How to solve transaction failed error after completing payment on eCitizen platform

Issues to do with ‘Transaction failed‘ error on eCitizen platform or other government and non government online  platforms are so common. This is an error caused by the system failing to capture the transaction payment but it does not in any way mean that your money is lost.

When such an error occur, do not panic, you only need to troubleshoot the process for the payment to be captured on the system and reflect in your application portal.

Some of the payment processes that you are likely to encounter such errors are during passport application, Certificate of Good Conduct Application, temporary passport application, NTSA services such as driving license application, Log Book Transfer application and so many other services mostly found on the eCitizen platform.

You have filled the online forms and you have gotten to a point of making payment online, you chose your preferred payment method and the system goes ahead and generates the account number to be used in completing the payment.

Upon following the instructions and making the payment correctly, you receive a confirmation SMS that indeed money form your account has been paid to eCitizen or the involved  institution. You confirm the payment buy clicking on ‘Complete Payment‘ button but a rude shock hits you “Transaction failed’.

In most cases your money is not lost, no payment can go through in the first place if you used a wrong account number.

Here is how you can easily solve the problem, do not rush to make another payment.

How to solve ‘transaction failed’ error when making online payment
Check your internet connection

Start by making sure you are connected to the internet. Because this is an online process, you will be able to see the updated payment status upon clicking on Complete Payment if you have a stable internet connection. if your internet connection is poor, you will be unable to see the correct status of your account.

Click on the complete payment button again

The second method to trouble shoot the error is by clicking on the Complete payment button again. This will prompt the system to search for any payment transaction made that is associated with your unique account number. Most likely the system will pick your transaction and confirm the payment. From here you can go a head and complete your application process and download the payment invoice.

Refresh the page

The third method you can use if the first one failed is to refresh the current page. If your internet connection is okay, you can easily refresh the online page to receive the latest status of your payment. This will be able to solve the issue and confirm your payment as having been received.

Go back to the dashboard

By going back to the home dashboard and clicking on the particular application you were making, it will indicate  the payment status as either Not paid, pending or paid. Not paid is usually indicated in red colour while the paid status is indicated in green colour. Should the status indicate the application as paid,go ahead and complete your application and download the necessary document.

Should it indicate otherwise, you will have to confirm if indeed the payment went through.

By following these simple instructions, you will be able to solve the error with a lot of ease.


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