How to apply for HELB Compliance Certificate

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The Higher Education Loans Board provides services among them Loan Disbursement, Loan Statements, Loan status, Compliance/Clearance Certificate and Penalty Waiver. You need to Register an account with HELB to be able to make any application

Their services can easily be accessed through portal.

You don’t have to visit helb offices to acquire the Compliance Certificate. You can easily apply for the Certificate on your computer or cyber. Always get assistance if you have no idea on how to go about it

Any individual can apply for the certificate whether you were a beneficiary or not.


  1. Helb Account
  2. Ksh. 1000 Application fee (for NON beneficiary)

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If you don’t have a helb account yet just login to helb portal and create your account.


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HELB account registration procedure

  • Login to
  • Click on Apply for Compliance Certificate
  • Click on Account Login if you already have an account otherwise proceed to the next step
  • Click on User registration
  • Select Applicant registration
  • Provide your Email and ID details to begin the process
  • You will be prompted to confirm your email address by clicking on the link mailed to your inbox
  •  Log in with your email and the password  to complete the registration process
  • Update your profile by providing personal and residential details then save the information

Payment Procedure

To make payment followed these steps, directly got to;

Online services

Compliance Certificate

Provide your phone number to receive a special code before you can proceed. If you are a beneficiary you will receive a direct link to download your certificate. For NON beneficiary, provide your phone number to make payment via M-Pesa or pay with KCB. Make sure you have enough money in your phone (Ksh.1000) will be deducted

Initiate the payment and enter your M Pesa pin to complete the payment

The system will automatically confirm the payment in seconds

You will receive a link to download the certificate once the payment has been confirmed by the system.

Download and print your certificate

Note: The payment method is automated and you will not be asked for the PayBilll and Account name.  You will only receive a prompt request on the phone number you provided to enter your M Pesa pin.

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If the prompt request is not forthcoming repeat the initiation process as many times as possible.


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