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How To Apply For e-Passport (East African Community Passport)

The immigration department has made it easier for any Kenyan to apply and get a passport within days. The application is done online and once your passport has been processed, you will collect it at the immigration office of your choice.

You will be charge Kshs. 4,550 for 32 Pages Ordinary “A” Series passport and Kshs. 6,050 for 48 pages Ordinary “B” Series passport


Pursuant to section 27(1) of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act 2011 as read with section 12 of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Regulation 2012, legal notice No. 64, all applicants are required to complete Form 19 (available online) as the Kenya Passport Application Form set out in the first schedule of the Regulations. Old passports are no longer in use and therefore have been replace with the new e-Passports also referred to as East African Community Passport.

Apply for, renew or replace your passport and pay for it online, through mobile money, credit cards, debit cards or online banking. Fill in the form, print it, sign and date it, then add any other documents and photographs needed and return it for processing.

How long does it take to get a passport?

Once your form has been physically submitted to the immigration offices, It should take at least 10 working days to get your first passport. For all other application types, it should take at least 5 working days. It may take a longer period if more information is required or your application hasn’t been filled out correctly.

ALL Passport applications should now be made via Manual applications will NOT be accepted. To Apply for the e-Passport also known as The East African Passport use the department of immigration services- e-passport portal.

Passport Application Fees in Kenya
32 Pages Ordinary “A” Series Kshs. 4,550
48 pages Ordinary “B” Series Kshs. 6,050
64 Pages Ordinary “C” Series Kshs. 7,550
Diplomatic passport (48 page) Kshs 7,550
Mutilated Passport Kshs 10,050
Lost Passport Kshs 12,050


A Sample Photo Of East African Community Passport
How to apply For The East African Community Passport
  1. Read the instructions carefully
  2. Scan your documents
  3. Fill the application form and attach the scanned documents. If you are renewing your old passport. Scan the last four pages of the old passport attach
  4. Select the mode of payment and pay for the passport fees (For M-Pesa, Paybill Number:206206. The system will generate an account number to be used)
  5. Download and print the application form and three copies of the application invoice (receipt)
  6. Submit the application form in person to the Immigration offices you selected while filling the forms
  7. Please declare ALL your children during Passport application


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Requirements during submission
  1. Applicants MUST appear in person for Biometric Enrolment
  2. An eCitizen pre-filled passport application form and three invoices
  3. Original birth certificate and one photocopy
  4. Original National ID Card and one photocopy
  5. Three current passport size photos
  6. One photocopy of recommender’s ID card
  7. Old passport for replacement plus photocopies of its last three pages
  8. Photocopies of parents’ National ID cards (if available) or Death Certificates (if deceased)
  9. For a lost Passport, a sworn affidavit, a police abstract and an explanation letter are required
  10. For a mutilated Passport, an explanation letter is required to explain the circumstances of the mutilation

Ensure you are using your eCitizen account to apply for your own passport. Applications applied

on behalf of others will be rejected.

During submission you must come with original documents and photocopies of the same

Do not book travel until you have a valid passport – doing so is at your own risk.


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