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How to Apply For TSC Number in Kenya: Step By Step Guide

Teacher registration is a requirement by any teacher who has completed teacher training course and attained the Certification. Each qualified teacher in Kenya must apply and register with Teachers Service commission before engaging in teaching. After graduating from college each qualified teacher in Kenya is required to apply for a TSC number before they can start teaching.

A TSC number is issued before one becomes a member. This is in accordance with The Teachers Service Commission Act 2012 Article 237. If your registration is approved, you will be issued with a TSC Number. Therefore each teacher whose wish to engage in active teaching in Kenya must apply for a TSC number.

This is very important as you will be fully a member of Teachers Service Commission and you stand permitted to carry out teaching activities and benefit from services of the members. After registration you will be issued with a TSC number within 30 days.
All applications must be done online through the teachers online portal as TSC does not accept any paper or manual applications.

Important Documents

But before you begin the registration process, there are fundamental requirements one must meet
1. One must have completed and attained relevant certificate, Diploma or degree in teaching course.
2. Have original transcripts from your training institution
3. Have original certificates from Primary school, secondary School and training institution.
4. Have original leaving certificates from primary, secondary school and college.
5. Deposit Ksh. 1060 non-refundable fee with National bank and get the bank slip TSC Registration AC/ 01001000905001 or simple Mobile Banking using Paybill Number 625625. This fee applies only for new registration. For duplicate Certificate Application a non-refundable fee of Ksh.2055 applies deposited to National Bank of Kenya Direct Banking to A/C No. 01001005707400. Ensure you have a bank deposit slip before proceeding with the application.
6. G.P 69 Certificate of Medical Examination from a government hospital.
7. KRA PIN Certificate.
8. Police Clearance Certificate also known as Certificate of Good Conduct
9. Recent Passport size Photo (one)
10. National Identification Card
11. Affidavit in case your names appear differently in your documents

A sample Copy of GP. 69 Form
Document Verification

With all your documents ready make a copy of each a part from the passport photo. Present your original documents with their copies in person to the County Director of Education office for verification and stamping. Note that this can be done in any county or sub county regardless of where you come from.
At this point you are now ready to start the online application process at teachersonline.

TSC Number Online Application Process

1. Scan all your documents
2. Log in to teachersonline portal
3. Enter your details appropriately
4. Fill your academic details appropriately and upload related documents to attach. Remember to save and ensure each document is uploaded before proceeding. The academic documents should be uploaded and saved one by one until all are attached.
5. Remember to enter your certificate number located at the footer of each certificate appropriately for each certificate.
6. Select and upload your remaining KRA PIN,Bank slip, GP 69,Police Clearance Certificate, Passport Size Photo, ID copy and any other relevant document required giving clear details of each document you have uploaded in the description box.
7. If you are satisfied that you have attached and given correct details you can finalize and submit your application
8. Upon submission a printout containing a summary of your details will be available for printing.


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If this is done appropriately a TSC Number will be issued within 30 days. You can always follow up by checking the status of your TSC number application and if it shows pending, be patient as it is in progress. Once completed the status will change from pending to complete and you will be able to see your TSC number which you can print a copy.
However a hard copy of your TSC Number will be posted to the postal address you provided during application later. At this stage you are a fully registered member with Teachers Service Commission

Possible Causes for Rejected TSC No. Application

In an event you applied for a TSC number but your application was rejected or failed. A number of reasons could be hindering the process. The common reasons for a rejected or failed application include:

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1. Giving wrong details during application
2. Missing details in your application
3. Lack of proper relevant academic and professional qualification
4. Previous record of criminal offenses that renders you unfit to serve as a teacher
5. Engaging in activities that are prejudicial to peace, order and good governance
6. Bad moral conduct with former offense such as sexual offense or other offense against the learner.
7. If the applicant suffers physical or mental infinity that renders them incapable of performing the duties of a teacher
A registered member with teachers service commission can also lose his or her membership and their names removed from the teachers list if you go against the teachers code of conduct. A de registered teacher is not allowed to engage in teaching activity and depending on the violation or offense committed one risks being sentence to prison.

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