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NTSA TIMS Account: ‘This Person is not Found. Please check the Serial Number

Transport Information Management System(TIMS) is an online portal where one can get NTSA services in Kenya.
At one point you tried to create a TIMS Account and you found this annoying message at the registration point. ‘This person is not found. Please check the serial number’
Don’t panic, this is a common scenario most people encounter while trying to make an online registration with NTSA. TIMS account is very crucial when it comes to getting services such as booking inspection,P.S.V application, Road Service License Application (RSL),Motor Vehicle search,Motor Vehicle Inspection, Log Book Search, Smart Driving License application and Renewal and general NTSA services.
But what if you hit a snag at registration point because of your ID Serial number?

Possible reasons and Solutions

You are using a lost ID

Each time you lose your ID the first thing that comes into your mind is to replace it. Once you have replaced your ID you will always retain your ID number but the serial number is rendered null and void and a new serial number is generated. In some cases after your long lost ID resurfaces most of us don’t surrender it to the Registrar of Persons. Using the lost ID may not work while looking for some services and NTSA TIMS account registration is one of them

Your ID Cannot be Configured In TIMS System

There are cases where you have never replaced your ID or you are using the current/latest ID but still the serial number can’t be identified by the system. In this case visit the nearest NTSA office for assistance before you can use it to create a TIMS account.


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The system only recognizes your lost ID’s serial Number

There comes a time even after trying to use your current ID’s serial number the system won’t identify it. You make a visit to the NTSA office only to be told the serial number of your lost ID is needed to complete the registration process. In this case you have to get the Serial number of the lost ID from the registrar of persons.
You will also be required to provide your Mother’s name, your KRA PIN and contact while registering for a TIMS account.In whichever case there will be a solution to help you

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