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8 Small Business Ideas with High Returns

Thinking of beginning a business but you have no idea the type of business to venture in? Many people are looking ideal businesses ideas with high returns however small or big they may be but the big question is which business to venture in.
We have sampled out a number of business Ideas that have been proven to work with a promise of high returns.

1. Movie business

Setting up a movie shop can be one step in finding a business idea that will work for you. This is a business that requires less capital to begin. With a will functioning computer or laptop and accessible internet you are good to go. In case you have no internet access in the first place you can get the latest torrents from existing movie shops at a small fee which you will resell to your clients. At a busy Center or road side a movie shop can earn you an average of Ksh. 4000 per day.

2. Fruit Vendor

Selling fruits and vegetables is real business that has returns. Not much capital is required to start up this kind of business. Considering this are basic needs for every household, you are assured of getting ready market for your products. Remember to get a local business permit to run your business.

3. Chia seeds

For those who love farming, this might be the best venture for you. Chia seeds are on a very high demand owing to their high nutritional and medicinal values. Supermarkets are the biggest market for this small seeds. Their market value is very high. According to, there are 11 proven health benefits of chia seeds. They are expensive owing to their value and with many people looking for them, this is a venture you want to try.

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4. Clothing business

Whether you want to establish your own brand of cloth line or start selling second hand clothes, you can make real money out of this. With current online networks at your disposal you can make your business known and sells will start trickling in within no time. Clothing business is profitable and you don’t need to break the bank to begin. Immediate friends can also turn out to be your biggest customers to begin with.

5. Cereal shop

Cereals are very essential in our daily meals. Starting a cereal shop or venturing in cereal farming is a great deal. You are assured of high returns and a ready market for your produce. Your initial capital will determine the scale at which you can begin.

6. Boda Boda Business

Many people are turning to Boda bodas because of their effectiveness to move from one point to another. Unlike vehicles Boda boda can move you to your preferred destination where vehicles cannot manage. Most people move in short distances daily and their preferred mode of transport is boda boda. Boda boda riders can make a profit of Ksh. 2500-3000 on a good day. All you need is a good motorcycle and get authorization to join your preferred group. You can as well hire someone to operate the motorcycle for you.

7. Barber Shop

This is a business model where you are paid for services provided. Setting up a small barber shop at the market center or neighborhood can be the perfect idea. You can also set up an executive barber shop and regardless of how expensive your services are you will get clients based on the services provided.

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8. Day Care

This is an ideal business for mothers who stay at home and would wish to engage in an activity that will generate money. Depending on the resources this type of business might require no capital to begin. All you need is to taik to parents with babeis and needs caregivers while they are busy or away. At a set fee you can expand your business by approaching more clients

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