Safaricom Locks Out Fraudsters in SIM Registration

You can now prevent anyone from using your ID details to register a SIM card in your name. Thanks to the new Safaricom safety measure that will see you receive a text message to you to authorize registration of another Safaricom lime in your name. This a measure to prevent fraud cases.

In the new measures that were introduced by Kenya’s giant telecommunication Company Safaricom, a text message from 707 will be send to you asking you to verify that you are the one making the registration. You will then be required to reply with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

For long Telcos had required you provide your Name, ID number year, months and date of birth for one to register a SIM card. These gave a lee way to fraudsters who could register a SIM card without your Knowledge after getting your National Identity Card Information.

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Stealing From Innocent Kenyans

Fraud stars had found a safe haven through this by stealing from unsuspecting Kenyans. On many occasion the fraudsters IDs Lines registered in different names from theirs to con people. They would apply for Mobile loan that are unsecured and throw away the SIM card leaving the burden on the victims. This was a rise in numbers of complainants who had huge loans to settle that they never took.

Fraudsters had also taken advantage of the innocent Kenyans by Swapping their SIN cards and gain access of their Mobile money wallets. It was even much worse as these SIM cards in fraud stars hands would be used to commit crime.

Thieves Locked Out

Safaricom has over time taken measures to secure its network and make sure its clients are not exposed to fraudsters. Safaricom introduced a Short SMS number 333 were clients can forward messages send to them by fraudsters trying to extort money from them.

Not long ago Safaricom also introduced Voice password services that require one to secure their SIM card with a voice password. This was in bid to lock out fraud stars that would dupe innocent clients to provide them with their personal details before swapping their SIM cards.

With this measures in place, we hope this will be the last nail on fraud stars coffin.

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