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The Ultimate Tips to Increase your Laptop Battery Life

Having a laptop that is reliable and can serve you for long is a factor that everybody considers before buying one. Over years we have experienced evolution and upgrades in laptops and today’s laptop can multitask and endure more strenuous task. You want a laptop battery that will keep you on as you undertake your more demanding activities. Your laptop going off at the middle of a task can be the most annoying thing since you even risk loosing your unsaved data.

It leads to a simple concern yet so major on how reliable your laptop battery is. You want to work on your laptop even when you are not connected to power.  How long can your laptop serve you after a full charge? In as much as your laptop can serve you for say 5 or hours on full charge with other several hours on standby mode, we still have individuals whose laptop can only serve them for only 2 hours and some less.

All these comes back to you as a user on how effective your battery is. Before you think of changing your battery or getting a new laptop make sure you check out on some issues that likely are affecting the lifespan of your laptop. How long your laptop battery will serve your on a larger percentage depends on how you configure your laptop or maintain its battery. Below are some tasks you can perform to increase the lifespan of your laptop battery.

Change Your Power Settings

It is important that you keep the power settings checked. Switch your laptop power settings to a mode that does not drain your battery. Most of the operating systems come with the option to configure the battery power . By pressing ‘power option’ from the start menu you will be able to access the power settings.

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Turn off Peripherals

Peripherals such as USB,Web Cams, external Hard drives or any cabling extensions attached to your laptop use power even when you are not using it.It is therefore important you unplug any peripherals that are not in use.

Set Your Screen To Dim Mode

In as much as we may ignore it,a much brighter screen consumes considerable amount of power. In windows 10 you can adjust your screen settings. Dim your screen to a level that you are comfortable with.

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Turn Off Your Laptop When not in Use

Laptop that is on standby or sleep mode continues to drain your battery. Leaving programs running when they are not in use will also increase the amount of power consumed by your laptop.To better save your laptop battery life ensure that you close programs not in use and switch off your laptop when not in use.

Switch Off WIFI

Wifi connects us to the internet. Studies shows that a majority of people forget to switch off wifi long after they are no longer using it. Wifi and other wireless sharing feature such as Bluetooth drain your battery when left on. Always turn them off when they are no longer in use. By doing so your laptop power consumption will be on check.

Disable Feature

Turning off graphic effects when you are travelling or not connected to stable power can be a great power saving option. Windows 10 comes with such great tool to help you disable and enable your laptop features.

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Eject Disc Drives

Spinning Discs in your disk drives consumes huge a mount of power. To keep your laptop working efficiently and have more power to serve you longer, always eject the discs when not in use.

Overloading your laptop with a lot of tasks running simultaneously strains your laptop’s processor thus reducing efficiency. A lot of energy is used to keep these programs running causing your laptop battery to drain faster. It is recommended you close programs that are not in use.

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