Top 10 Marketable courses to study

The world is changing at a fast rate, and soon the course you held on dearly might be irrelevant and does not meet the current job market requirement. When looking for marketable courses, factors such as self-employment are a key for one to consider before choosing a course to study at the university or college.

The current job market has greatly changed and employers are looking for employees who are diverse and can navigate the tech world. Besides the technical skills employers are looking for, ethics and self-discipline is what makes one more suitable for a particular job more than the acquired skills.

We have compiled a list of some of courses that are marketable and on high demand here in Kenya and any other place in the world. The list has been influenced by the current changes in the job market and flexibility for one to be self-employed.

1. Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET)

Medical equipment repairers, also known as biomedical equipment technicians (BMET), Is a little known course yet much under served. Technicians in this field maintain, adjust, calibrate, and repair a wide variety of electronic, electromechanical, and hydraulic equipment used in hospitals and other medical environments, including health practitioners’ offices.

They may work on patient monitors, defibrillators, medical imaging equipment (x rays, CAT scanners, and ultrasound equipment), voice-controlled operating tables, electric wheelchairs, as well as other sophisticated dental, optometric, and ophthalmic equipment.

While many run for the medical doctor course, considering Biomedical Equipment Technician course sets you apart when it comes to employ-ability. Because of few experts in this field, the pay is considerably good than you can imagine.

2. Pharmacy

Pharmacists play a big role when it comes to prescribing medicine to the patients. Taking a pharmacy course is one of the best choice as you stand a chance of working in a hospital environment, you can as well open and operate your own Chemist shop and serve clients directly.

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3. Project Management

With many companies being set up every day, companies relay on project managers to structure and gear their projects to the next level. Project managers are highly on demand. This makes Project Management a highly marketable course for any student to study.

4. Fashion and design

Fashion designers have taken the market by storm and they are reaping big from the industry. Now days design and fashion industry has come of ages from the time it was taken as an informal sector. Currently the industry has been formalized and it is a billion dollar industry. You can study fashion and design at the college or university then establish your niche. From this you can establish your market and develop a brand. This is one industry with high demand. Fashion keeps on changing and remaining relevant will keep you afloat.

5. Computer science

This is one industry that was positively received in the  21st century with the development and need of technology in business places. It is however surprising how many computer science students fail to meet the needs of the current job market thus many remain jobless for long. With companies investing heavily in cyber security and technology, specializing in a certain area will make you much relevant and on demand. Most companies are ready to spend hefty amount for the computer science experts.

6. Artificial intelligence (AI)

The world is fast changing and people are going back to school to catch up with the changes in technology. With the arrival of the 5G technology, innovation in robotics, self-driven cars, smart home and so on have been necessitated by the Artificial Intelligence Technology. Tech companies are looking for exerts to make special bots to help them achieve various capabilities. If you have an interest in tech then artificial intelligence is the course to go for. The course is highly marketable to study and the pay is mouthwatering.

7. Clinical Medicine

Clinical medicine is one of the oldest professionals that will never get irrelevant, with increase in health challenges in the world, medical doctors are among most sought after specialist and highly depended on to treat and observe patients. The demand in the sector makes it one of the courses with good returns. This makes Clinical medicine one of the marketable courses to study in Kenya and the whole world.

8. Film and Animation,

Part of the curriculum includes Camera operation, screenwriting,Directing,Cinematography, commercial production, 3d design, video development, sound designs, film editing. Specializing in any of the above will earn you skills that employers in the market are looking for. This makes Film and animation one of the most sought after course. The good thing with this field is that your skills and profile will determine your bargaining power. It is one of the marketable courses to study.

9. Law

Though law is one of the toughest course known, going to the law school can be one of the best decision. Upon completion of your course you can get employed or open up your law farm and start practicing. Lawyers are among highly paid people in the country. Their services are on demand and your supremacy determines your worth. This makes Law one of the highly marketable courses to study for any student who is interested.

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10. Digital Marketing

Almost every business is finding its foot on the digital space. With social media proving to be one of the most powerful tools for businesses to reach more clients, businesses are looking for digital marketers to help them achieve these. Taking a course in digital marketing makes you a valuable asset for companies to achieve their targets. The course also empowers you with skills that you can use to establish your own business. This makes Digital marketing one of the most marketable courses for one to study.

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