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13 Free Must have Apps for Android

With tons of Apps on Google Play Store and many more being developed each day, there are some Mobile Apps that can help you to a great extent. These Android Apps cuts across various spheres of life and can help you perform different functions. We take a look at some of helpful Apps that can be considered as must have for any android user.

1. Find My Phone

Find my Phone is a must have mobile App for any android user. This vital App is a product of the Google Company. The App helps you locate your phone when you misplace it or when it is stolen. With Find My Phone App you can trace your phone using the location finder; you also can make your phone ring to know where the device is. Apart from the two functions you can lock your phone or erase the phones data.

2. Shortcut

Shortcut is one of the best Android App that helps you perform both Microsof and MAC activities on your computer in the shortest way possible. With Shortcut you can find hundreds of shortcuts to perform various functions. Perhaps you want to navigate and perform a specific task on your computer but you cannot figure out the way out, then shortcut is the best App for you. It is free to use.

3. WPS Office

WPS Office is a free tool that is available for android users. With this App on your smartphone, you can easily open and create files in PDF form. The WPS is a must have App for any android smartphone user.

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4. Files

Files is a smartphone App by the Google Company. This App helps you clean junk on your phone thus leaving you with more space to use. Once installed on your smartphone, you can run files to clean up your phone. It gives you options to free up space, delete excessive files and other recommendations to optimize the performance of your Android phone. Files even notifies you when there is junk on your device so that you can free up space on your device.

5. WhatsApp Messenger

If you are an android or iPhone user then WhatsApp is A mobile App you cannot afford to miss. The Facebook owned App helps you share messages and files in the simplest way possible. With WhatsApp you can also video call your friends and family members. All you need to do is download the App on your smartphone. With internet connection you are free to go. WhatsApp is a popular Messenger tool and a must have App for any Android user.

6. Xender

Xender is another mobile apps that helps you share and transfer massive volumes of files. With this App, you can share audio files, videos, photos and even other Mobile Apps. To effectively use Xender both the recipient and the sender must be within a close range as it wirelessly connects two devices within a limited radius. You can connect your PC with your android with this App and share files. This App is free for users.

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7. CamScanner

CamScanner is a very helpful tool for any android user. This Mobile App lets you scan documents using your smartphone and store them. It also comes with great features for editing the scanned documents. With CamSanner you can lighten up the scanned document, cut off the unwanted parts and convert the document it a sharable form of your choice.

8. Live Transcribe

This is an important Smartphone App that helps you transcribe audio files. With Live Transcribe you can easily convert live or recorded Audio files into written texts. This is achieved by running the App close to an audio file. It then converts the audio file into written text word by word. One can as well run the App and speak. The App will automatically convert the spoken words into written texts. The transcribed files can then be easily shared or copied to any platform. Live Transcribe is a must have tool especially for those who do intensive writing.  Live Transcribe is available on Google Play Store for free.

9. Evernote

Evernote is a note taking App that you can use while on the go. With Evernote, you can take your notes scribble your ideas and use then later. This App can be used anywhere and it is Available on Google Play store. Evernote is very useful especially if you are working on a project. You can easily make notes and add Ideas on your project whenever they cross your mind.

10. Count

Count is a Mobile App available for both Android and iPhone users. This great App helps you do the counting of objects in an easy way. By taking a photo of the items you wish to be counted. Count will automatically sum up the items and give you their accurate total. This App can be useful in counting objects such iron rods, frames and so on. The App eliminates the tedious process of doing manual count of objects.

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11. Team viewer

Team viewer is a very important App that lets you operate your computer by using your phone. The App lets you configure your Computer to the App. Once the computer is configured to the App you can perform all the operations on your computer remotely by using your phone. However, for this App to function properly you must be connected to the internet and the computer must be powered on first. The App lets you operate your computers and even share files regardless of the distance

12. Status Downloader

Status downloader helps you download and save files from WhatsApp. WhatsApp in its original form does not allow users to download and save status images and videos. But with status downloader on your phone you can easily save the status photos and videos from your WhatsApp. The is a must have App and is available for download on the Google Play Store. It is free to download and use.

13. Ringtone Maker

Ringtone maker is a free app that lets you customize your ringtone. At one point you have wished to set a certain song as your ringtone but you realize it takes long before it gets to your favorite part. With ringtone maker you can customize the ringtone to start from your favorite part. The App is available on the Playstore and is free to use.

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