Revealed: Fallout With Ruto’s Associates Left Kenei Living On a Borrowed Time

Sergeant Kemei was a man living on a borrowed time and the saga at Annex Harembee House was the perfect time to take him out, a close source has revealed.

According to the exposee by the Nation Media, Sergeant Kenei who was a close confident to the DP had fallen out with some unnamed DP aids.  It was so bad that he had asked for a transfer from the Harambee House, but a CS close to DP William Ruto had convinced him to stay with a promise he would be appointed to a good position should the Deputy President win election in 2022 as president.

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On the eventful day when Echesa was arrested, it is reported that Kenei was the one who escorted Echesa to the 2nd floor where they had a meeting. Sergeant Kenei had a lengthy talk with Echesa and his company, this reveals that he had crucial information on what transpired.

This did not go down well with one of the DP’s Secretaries who wondered how Mr. Echesa had accessed the office.

From the police investigation, it is believed Mr Kenei was acting on the instructions of a high-ranking official.

Following Mr Echesa’s arrest, the tensions between Mr Kenei and some of the DP’s operatives spilt over into the public.

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Although Mr Kenei’s poor relationship with the DP’s associates had affected his work, he did not reveal this to his family.

So bad was the fallout that Mr Kenei, who was the head of security at Harambee House Annex, had asked a Cabinet Secretary to facilitate his transfer.

Confident information from Ruto’s office reveals that indeed Sergeant Kenei had won Ruto’s trust and this did not go well with some individuals working at Ruto’s Office.

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It is also believed that some individuals from the office close to Echesa’s deal could not stomach it after Echesa was arrested and they had to look for a way to eliminate any evidence. They couldn’t look any further and Sergeant Kenei became the prime target.

Of the 6 officers who were manning the Annex Harambee house, sergeant Kenei was seen as the person who knew a lot and following the fall out, a plan to eliminate him was quickly and swiftly drafted



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