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How to Get CRB Clearance Without Paying Ksh.2,200 Clearance Fee

Finding yourself in a situation where you have to seek CRB clearance services is one of the most painful moments for many Kenyans. Today I will take you through a process you can follow and get CRB clearance without the need of paying the Ksh.2,200 clearance fee.

Before I take you through the CRB clearance process, there are some vital information all loan defaulters should know.

When is One Listed by CRB?

The Credit Reference Bureau (CRB), is a government regulated body meant to list individuals with default history from various financial institutions. You stand to be listed if you default your loan from a financial institution if you default your loan for a period of 90 days.

How to get CRB clearance without paying the Ksh.2,200 clearance fee

Once you find out that you have been listed as a defaulter on CRB, here are steps you should take to get clearance;

  1. Register with any of the CRB clearance body- TransUnion Or Metropol
  2. Generate your report
  3. Identify financial Institution that have listed you
  4. Settle all your loan arrears
  5. Contact the financial institution that listed you and request for batch Numbers for the payment you made.
  6. Once you have been issued with batch numbers,contact the CRB body ie Metropol or TransUnion that you registered with and request for account update
  7. You will be asked to give out the batch numbers from the financial institution before your account can be updated.
  8. If you had been listed by more than one financial institution, get the batch numbers from all of them.
  9. TransUnion or Metropol will then update your accounts.
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That’s it. Following the above steps and getting your CRB records updated means you are no longer listed with CRB. After these steps you can apply for a loan from your bank without any restrictions. You can also visit any of the CRB agents across the country to help you carry out the process.

For Mobile money, some may not be in a position to give you a loan offer. Mobile loans that you apply through apps or short SMS normally relay on your credit score and history and not necessarily your CRB listing status.  If your mobile or App loan request is not approved, take your time. With time your score will go up, this will see you qualify for loan application.

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CRB Certificate
Who Needs a Clearance Certificate?

A CRB clearance Certificate is a Document issued as a proof that you have either cleared your loan and have been de listed from the CRB database as a defaulter. It is also meant to imply that, you were never listed as a defaulter.

You will need the CRB certificate in a situation that will need you to produce proof that you are not a loan defaulter. The situations that may call for a CRB Clearance Certificate may include:

  1. When asked by your bank
  2. When it is a requirement for a Job interview
  3. When making some government applications

If you are in need of a CRB certificate, here is the application procedure you can follow to get this important document.

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