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Visa Free Countries For Kenyan Passport Holders

If you are a holder of a Kenyan passport, there are 73 countries you can travel to on visa free or you can get the VISA on arrival. The Kenyan passport is one of the strongest in Africa. In Overall, Kenya has the 9th most powerful passport in Africa. Here we shall discuss visa free countries for Kenyan Passport holders.

Visa Free Countries for Kenyan Passport holders
  1. Antigua and Barbuda
    3. Barbados
    4. Botswana
    5. Ghana
    6. Hong Kong
    7. Dominica
    8. Eritrea
    9. Ethiopia
    10. Fiji
    11. Gambia
    12. Burundi
    13. Grenada
    14. Haiti
    15. Indonesia
    16. Jamaica
    17. Kiribati
    18. Lesotho
    19. Malawi
    20. Malaysia
    21. Mauritius
    22. Micronesia
    23. Namibia
    24. Panama
    25. Philippines
    26. Saint Kitts and Nevis
    27. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    28. Senegal
    29. Singapore
    30. Swaziland
    31. Tanzania
    32. Trinidad and Tobago
    33. Uganda
    34. Vanuatu
    35. Zambia
    36. Zimbabwe
    37. Rwanda
    38. Montserrat
    39. Benin
Visa On arrival

Below countries allows for application of a free visa for Kenyan passport holders on arrival

  1. Cape Verde
    41. Comoros
    42.  Congo DRC
    43. Djibouti
    44. Guinea-Bissau
    45. Iran
    46. Laos
    47. Madagascar
    48. Maldives
    49. Mali
    50. Mauritania
    51. Nepal
    52. Nigeria
    53. Palau
    54. Saint Lucia
    55. Samoa
    56. Seychelles
    57. Sierra Leone
    58. South Sudan
    59. Sudan
    60. Timor-Leste
    61. Togo
    62. Tuvalu
    63. Jordan
    64. Cambodia
    65. Burkina Faso
    66. Boliva
    67. Turkey (eVisa) –
    68. Bahrain (eVisa) –
    69. Sri Lanka (eVisa) –
    70. India (eVisa) –
    71. Georgia (eVisa) –
    72. Gabon (eVisa) –
    73. Macao
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How Many Days Can you Stay in these country on a Visa free?

The number of days you will be permitted to stay in these countries will vary depending with the country you are visiting on a Kenya Passport. They usually range between 3 to 90 days.

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