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Best Place To Repair Your Phone Or Laptop In Eldoret

If you are in Eldoret town and you are in need of a repair service, it can be a hard task to get a good technician to repair your phone or laptop. Just like many towns like Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa, Eldoret has a large number of technicians. However getting the right technician is always the biggest challenge. In this article i will direct you to the best place to repair your phone and laptop in Eldoret.

Having sought repair services in Eldoret town for a while, i have come to settle on one technician who handles all my repairs of phones and laptops.

However, I must say it was not an easy task to get get a technician that i can trust. In my own personal experience I have met technicians who would leave your gadget in a more bad condition than its original form, some will still parts from it or even worse disappear with your phone or laptop.

Repair parts

It was all tough for me until I met a technician by the name Isaac from Tamarind Building that all my worries were over. The openness with his work is what sets him apart from other technicians. I came to know about his services after a neighbor introduced me to him. This is after he hard me complain of my misery I had gone through in the hands of technicians turn con men.

Upon trying his services, i was satisfied. But again i had to know that i can trust him. He won my trust from the clients i used to meet whenever i visited his workshop. No complaints, no hidden charges and his work is done professionally on an open table where you can see what is going on and you can ask questions.

It is almost a year since I knew him and I have referred tons of customers to him. His sincerity makes him win customers. He works on schedule and he never beats around the bush.

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I have never received any complaint from any of the people I reefer to him. He gets customers from as far as western Kenya and some travel as far as Nakuru and beyond just to get his services.

He has a long standing experience in Phone repair and computer repair and maintenance. He is one kind of  technician you can leave your valued gadget with and pick it later without any worries. By sharing this I hope I will help someone who has suffered a lot in the hands of rogue technicians.

To reach Isaac, you can visit Tamarind Building basement floor room 10C or contact him through the phone number here

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