Best Grocery Stores with Online Deliveries in Nakuru

List of Best Grocery Stores with Online Deliveries in Nakuru. The senate, in June 2021, endorsed elevation of Nakuru town into a city and plans are currently underway for that to be made official. For a town to be accorded with the city status means it has sufficient infrastructure like roads and electricity. Technological infrastructure like high speed internet connectivity must not be ignored too.

This is an important avenue for  development of technological solutions that enable businesses to reach out to their customers without much struggle and hence increase their sales. One such solution is online shopping. Nakuru has plenty of retail stores that have enabled residents to shop online and wait for their goods to be delivered to their doorsteps. Among the goods that are regularly bought online in Nakuru are groceries.


There are many grocery stores with online deliveries in Nakuru. They have made shopping for groceries to be so simple that even green grocery items,  like those that mama mbogas sell at their stalls, are available for sale with online deliveries. Some have branches locally while others do not, but provide online grocery delivery services in Nakuru.


If you live in Nakuru and need an online grocery store to be buying groceries from, then read on. In this article, we have made a review of some of the best grocery stores with online deliveries in Nakuru.


List of Best Grocery Stores with Online Deliveries in Nakuru


1.  Gilani’s

Gilani’s is a retail as well as a wholesale outlet in the heart of Nakuru town. Established in 1974, Gilani’s is one of the oldest retail stores in Nakuru. It is situated along club road, opposite the Rift Valley sports club, off Kenyatta Avenue.


If you are in Nakuru and live quite far from Gilanis’ premises, you can opt to instead use its online platform to shop for groceries. Go to google play store or apple store, search and download the Gilani’s app. You can find a wide variety of groceries and non-food items that are available for sale on Gilani’s e-commerce site. Delivery of those items is only available in Nakuru and its surroundings.


2.  Copia

Copia is an online based retail outlet that offers delivery of goods including groceries to many parts of Kenya. Nakuru residents can use this platform to order for groceries at the comfort of their homes.


Copia currently doesn’t have a mobile application. To purchase groceries online, visit its website, You don’t have to register for an account, just select the items that you want to buy by adding them to the online cart. You will also have to provide your email and phone number, which you will use to receive an email or SMS when your order is confirmed.


Copia offers online delivery of groceries to over 35000 delivery points throughout the country, including in Nakuru.


3.  Green Spoon

Green spoon is yet another grocery store that offers online deliveries to Nakuru and all over Kenya. If you need to buy groceries from Green spoon, visit its website, From there, you can enjoy checking out its other products while comparing prices as you buy your groceries online at the comfort of your home. As soon as you are done shopping and have completed your payment, you will have to wait for your groceries to be delivered on the day that follows.

With green Spoon, you can shop products that have a healthy impact on your life as well as on the planet. Groceries that are available for online delivery on green spoon include: fruits, vegetables, drinks, meats, pantry and dairy products.

Green spoon offers next day delivery to your door with free delivery for orders over Kshs 7,500. Kshs 200 delivery for orders between Kshs 2,000 – 7,499.


4.  Woolmatt Supermarket

Woolmatt is a Supermarket that was started in 1985. It stocks a wide variety of  items that include groceries. Although it does not offer online shopping and online delivery of groceries, it provides great services to its customers. Prices of groceries at Woolmatt are quite fair as compared to other grocery stores in Nakuru.


If you need high quality groceries in Nakuru, Make a visit to its store which is located along Kenyatta avenue in Nakuru town. You will find varieties of groceries like fruits, vegetables and many more, neatly and attractively arranged on the shelves.


5.  Farmers Market Kenya

Farmers Market Kenya is a different kind of online platform. It is an online marketplace where farm produce is sold and bought. Farmers who have harvested and want to sell their produce can register for an account on its website,, take a picture of the product and upload it to go along with the advertisement text.


If you are in Nakuru, you can also join this online marketplace to buy fresh groceries straight from the farm. Its only disadvantage is that it is not a guarantee that the groceries that you buy will be delivered to you. You will have to agree with the seller on the time and place where you will meet and how you will pay for the groceries. A clever thing to do on this platform is to search for advertised groceries that are nearby so that it will not cost you a lot of money on transport.


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