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Driving School Common Exam Questions and their Answers

When you enroll in a driving school you are expected to attend lessons and sit for exams and pass them before you can qualify and be issued with a driving license. A part from the driving school exams questions you will also be expected to sit for practical exams as a learner and among them are driving tests. But it is the driving school theory exam questions that most people tend to have a hard time answering the questions.

So, which questions should you expect in driving school exams? You do not need to be a rocket scientist to pass the driving school test exams. Questions examined are mostly from what you have been doing during your entire course and majority of them are application question or in simple terms common sense questions. That said and done critical thinking is key in getting the answers right.

In all the driving schools you will attend in Kenya, these are the common questions you should expect and the answers to those questions

driving school exams questions

Driving School Common Questions and Answers
Question 1: How many wheels does a saloon Car have?

Answer: Five (Four moving and one spare)

Question 2: How many eyes does a driver have?

Answer: Three (Two natural and one artificial)

Question 3: Name four causes of accidents in Kenya


  1. a) Drunkenness
  2. b) Overspeeding
  3. c) overloading
  4. d) Carelessness
Question 4: What is the Highway Code?

Answer: A booklet checked and passed by the parliament for rules of road users.

Question 5: Within which period should an accident be reported at a police station in Kenya?

Answer: As soon as possible but within 24 hours

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Question 6: What is a pedestrian Crossing?

Answer: A safe crossing provided for the safe use of pedestrians

Question 7: What are the rules of the model town board?


  1. a) Use the shortest and the most correct route without using the parking
  2. b) Use the longest and the most correct route without using the parking
  3. c) Use parking if there is no other route
Question 8: Green Colour on the traffic light means go, except when?


  1. a) When there is an oncoming vehicle from right
  2. b) When stopped by a police officer
Question 9: What do you look for when driving past stationary vehicles?


  1. a) Opening of doors
  2. b) Pedestrian crossing
Question 10: What is the rule of the Road in Kenya?

Answer: To keep left unless overtaking.

Question 11: Which side do you overtake from?

Answer: right side

Question 12: Name three documents which must be valid before you are allowed to drive:


a)Valid driving license

b)Valid insurance certificate

c)Valid vehicle inspection certificate

Question 13: When are you not allowed to drive despite having the three valid required documents?


  1. a) When you are sick
  2. b) Drunk
  3. c) Under drugs fatigue
Question 14: Which vehicles have the right of way?


  1. a) An ambulance with a siren
  2. b) Fire Engine with a siren
  3. c) Presidential escort with a siren
  4. d) A police car with a siren
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Question 15: When can you put on the lights during the day?


  1. a) When it is foggy
  2. b) During heavy rainfall
  3. c) When it is misty
  4. d) During emergency
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Question 16: Which is the maximum speed limit in town?

Answer: 50km/hr

Question 17: What is the maximum speed limit on the highway? for:
  1. a) Pick-up / lorries. Answer: 80km/hr
  2. b) Cars. Answer: 110km/hr
  3. c) Trailers. Answer: 65km/hr
Question 18: What are the four important tools you have to carry when driving for a safari?


  1. a) Carjack
  2. b) Spare Wheel
  3. c) Spotlight
Question 19: What should you do first when receiving your driving license for the first time?

Answer: Check all the details and sign in ink pen

Question 20: When there is a white continuous line down a one-way traffic road, what does it mean?

Answer: No changing lanes

Question 21: State the three seconds rule

Answer: If you reach the object before three seconds, then you are not driving at a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you.

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Best Driving Schools In Kenya
  1. Automobile Association of Kenya (AAK)
  2. Heltz Driving School
  3. Petanns Driving School
  4. Rocky Driving School
  5. Glory Driving School
  6. Glen Edmunds Advanced Driving
  7. Top Gear Driving School
  8. Sony Driving School
  9. Senior Driving School
  10. Iqra Driving School
  11. Wins Driving School
  12. Imperial driving School

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