Is Your Driving License Valid? 4 Ways to Check if Your Licence is Original

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NTSA has made it possible to easy check and confirm if your driving licence is valid and original. Currently all driving licences are issued online and the online database can guide an individual to know whether their driving licence is genuine or fake.

Sometimes back, it was possible for an individual to hold a fake driving licence with or without their knowledge. This was due to the manual driving licence process that has since been replaced with a digital one.

Whenever you are driving nowdays, It is common for Traffic Pollice officers to request for your driving licence and  check for the validity of your licence, its expiry date, owners information among other details

How to Check whether Driving licence is valid or Fake

There are 4 effective methods to check and confirm the validity of your driving licence. all these methods are reliable and can be used anytime. Whenever you are issued with a new driving licence, it is advisable to check if if is original.

4 Ways To Check If Your Driving Licence is Original
  1. Visit the NTSA Offices

The first method you can use to check if your driving licence is valid is by visiting the nearest NTSA office. At the office, the NTSA officer will be able to run the details on your driving licence into the NTSA database and confirm if indeed the driving license under your registration number indeed exists and is present in their database. They will also confirm if the driving licence holder details match with the once in the NTSA database.

Should your details miss or contradict with the ones in the NTSA data base, your driving license will be rendered invalid.

  1. Check your NTSA TIMS Account

For the Smart Digital Driving License, the application is usually carried out through the NTSA TIMS account only. Holders of the new electronic smart driving License must have an active NTSA TIMS account that bares the details of their driving license. By logging into your TIMS account you will be able to see if a driving license under your name and ID number is present in the system. The system will as well also confirm the expiry date of your driving licence which should be similar to the date on your driving licence you hold.

For holders of the old driving license, one can log into the eCitizen portal and under the NTSA services, you will be able to see if your license is listed. The details of your licence should clearly be indicated and should match with the ones on your driving licence.

original driving licence
A person Displaying a Smart driving License

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  1. Use the NTSA Mobile App

This is one of the best and most effective methods to check the validity of your licence. The method is so simple that you can check if your licence is original while on the go.

To check your driving licence using the App; Download the mobile App < Log in to the App<Enter your ID number in the driving Licence verification tab<Click verify<the result will be valid or invalid.

Should the result turn out to be invalid, you are advised to visit the nearest NTSA office with your driving licence application documents for assistance.

  1. Use of Short USSD SMS

The fourth and the last method you can use to check if your driving licence is genuine is by use of a short code SMS. By sending your ID number to 22846 you will receive a confirmation message notifying you whether your driving licence is fake valid.

“Polite reminder If you don’t have your driving license and police have stopped you… Send your ID number to this number 22846.. Also if you got your license and not sure if it’s online or fake, send your ID number to same number. Note, save the number to phone as NTSA” One good Kenyan citizen by the name Simon Mutunga send a reminder to citizens.

ntsa tims account

NTSA Mobile App Functions and uses

The NTSA App has the following key features;

  • You can have an access to the inspection status of your motor vehicle.
  • The App provides you with the status of your driving licence.
  • You can also check the status of your SACCO licence.
  • The status of the PSV licencing is also provide on the App.
  • The App also provides the status of vehicle’s night travel licence.
  • You can also report road incidents.
  • You can verify application status.

NTSA has warned citizens against individuals issuing fake driving Licence. In one of the alert message NTSA warned. “The Public is advised to be aware of individuals purporting to be issuing Smart Driving Licences through a Facebook page titled *NTSA DL.” NTSA wrote.

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