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What You Should Know Before Using FaceApp

FaceApp has been the talk of town for sometime now and many people are divided on whether or not to use and empress its use, already many are using this to have a glimpse of how they will look when they age. Upon submitting your photo on this App it will be processed to make you look older, younger or opposite sex.

How Does it Works

FaceApp was developed by Wireless lab from Russia and it works on the principle of Artificial Intelligent. Your original image is Augmented to match the command. The result is either your look in old age, young age or your opposite gender.
Once you submit your photo, the photo is uploaded to the server clouds for the processing.
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Security Concerns

With all joy and excitement that comes with using this App, Security concerns have been a major issue. This has seen Many countries including the US debating on the suitability and security issues of using the App by its citizens. So what are some of the security concerns that makes this App a concern?
First the issue of cloud processing of peoples photos and information is a concern. Many apps carry out On-Devise processing of photos and information,but for FaceApp your photos are carried all the way to their server clouds for processing. This means they will store your information even after you deleted the App and in an event the information is used in a negative way you will be on the loosing end. The app developer have come out to defend their action and stated that most photos uploaded are deleted after 48hrs. They claim uploading the photos to their clouds is only for processing purposes. Whether this is true it is a matter of wait and see.

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Another reason for concern is their Terms and Conditions. They have stated that by using the App,’The user agrees to allow FaceApp to use, modify,adapt and publish any image that they upload. That you grand FaceApp irrevocable permission to use, reproduce, modify,adapt, publish, translate, create, distribute, publicly perform and display user content.
You also allow FaceApp to use your Name, Username or any likeness provided in any format it likes without compensation’.

The fear of your images and information being used inappropriately or sold is a possibility in this situation. The bitter part is regardless of how your photos and information is used you have no control over it and you won’t be paid or compensated.
It is also worth noting that the App is able to retain your information long after you deleted it. The App is also said to be able to access your photos even if the user set the restriction to ‘never’. This cannot be restricted even on your iphone

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