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Security Alert !! Used Airtime Scratch Card Can Land You in Jail

It is a common practice to buy airtime scratch card and once you have scratched and recharged your phone the next thing in you mind is to throw away the used card. Most of us are unaware of the danger that this practice pauses to our day to day security. In the world of advanced technology information retrieval and sharing about an individual is so easy and necessary but this can as well work against you.
The scratched card you trash can be used by individuals to commit a crime and it will be traced back to you the innocent user. It is becoming a trend and a trick used by criminals to pick used scratched cards and once they commit a crime they drop the used scratched card at the scene of crime. This is a trick they use to get away with the long arm of the law. Police and investigative authorities normally prioritizes evidence found at the scene of crime. Using technology your used scratched card will be traced to you using the scratched card codes and serial Number. With such evidence you will be linked to the crime.
As a security measure it is therefore very important to destroy the airtime scratch card once you have recharged you phone since you never know the risk it may pause to you once it lands in wrong hands.

Sharing your Phone with Strangers

In one way or another you have helped a stranger who was perhaps stranded and needed to connect with a fallow over a phone call but they happen to have no cell phones and SIM card. Wells, as a human with humanity you extended your helping hand and let them use your phone to get in touch. In as much as your intentions are purely good, the person using your phone might be using you as a scapegoat. In an event that they were organizing a crime or terror you will directly be linked as an accomplice and a perpetrator. The communication will be traced to your phone and you may end up in jail.

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Allowing a stranger To Insert SIM Card In Your Phone

You might have been vigil enough not to allow strangers make calls using your mobile number, but allowing strangers insert their SIM Card in your phone can still land you in trouble. In an event the stranger is organizing crime and is in touch with his accomplice using your phone, investigation will narrow down to your phone since the Serial Number and the IMEI numbers of you phone can be traced. Unless you know an individual well and you know the motive behind their request, it is advisable not to share your Phone with them.

Buying Second-Hand Phones

If you have ever lost your phone, tablet or laptop the fast action is to get a replacement to keep you in the loop of communication. If you cannot raise enough money to acquire a brand new gadget, getting a used phone or laptop at an affordable price is an option. Most of them can be acquired from our friends who need quick cash, or from instant loan shops that dispose off goods that were guaranteed with their money but the owners failed to secure them back.
Some of this individuals and shops are illegal holding phones and other electronics that were stolen. In an event that you are found with the gadget you will be treated as the prime suspect. This can land you in trouble with authorities
Its is important you avoid buying second hand gadgets and if it is a must you do so, make sure you know the source.

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Lost ID Cards

There is no such pain as loosing your National Identity card, especially at a time when you need it most. The biggest worry today is the person holding your lost ID card if at all it ended in someones hands.
1. Chances of impersonation are very high. With this someone committing fraud or a crime in your name is very high.
2. Cases of individuals acquiring SIM cards with lost IDs have been on the rise. This SIM cards have been the avenue of acquiring Mobile money. With huge debts accumulating from different money lenders the SIM card is thrown away by the perpetrators and the loans are passed to the ID number holders the SIM card is registered under. This has seem many people listed with Credit Reference Bureau unaware. Cyber security is one area to be focused on to curb this menace.
3. For your own good its important you check your status with the bureau to confirm whether or not you are a victim. It is also important to check with your SIM Card provider to get to know if there are any mobile numbers in your name apart from the ones you hold.You should also consider to conduct the Directorate Of criminal Investigation or report such cases to the authorities to be investigated.

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