Top 29 Extra County Secondary Schools In Muranga County

Muranga has some of the best extra county secondary schools in the country. These schools post great KCSE results and over years have continued to stand out in academic performance as well as extra curriculum activities. In this article, I will share with you a full detailed list of top performing Extra County secondary Schools from Muranga county.

Muranga extra county schools are categorized into three clusters, Cluster 1, Cluster 2 and Cluster 3. Cluster one secondary schools are the highest ranked schools in Muranga county followed by cluster 2 schools then finally cluster 3 schools.

Top 29 Extra County Secondary Schools In Muranga County

When it comes to performance, below are top 29 extra county schools in KCSE performance;

  1. Njiiri High School
  2. Kahuhia Girls High School
  3. Kangema High School
  4. Kamahuha Girls High School
  5. Gaichanjiru High School
  6. Njumbi Boys High School
  7. Mumbi Girls High School
  8. Kiria-Ini Girls Secondary School
  9. Kiaguthu Boys Secondary School
  10. Githumu High School
  11. Ruchu Girls Secondary School
  12. Weithaga Boys Secondary School
  13. Gitugi Girls High School
  14. Gatanga Girl’s Secondary School
  15. Nyagatugu Boys High School
  16. Kirogo Secondary School
  17. Kirwara High School
  18. Ng’araria Girls Secondary School
  19. Kibutha Girls Secondary School
  20. Kianderi Girls Secondary School
  21. Kigumo Bendera High School
  22. Makuyu Secondary School
  23. Naaro High School
  24. Githunguri Girls High School
  25. Nginda Girl’s Secondary School
  26. Gituru Secondary School
  27. Makuyu Girls Secondary School
  28. Ichagaki Boys High School
  29. St.Charles Lwanga Secondary School

It is no secret that Extra county secondary schools from Muranga will continue to shine and post great KCSE results.

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