Top 10 Iron Sheet (Mabati) Manufacturing Factories in Kenya

If you are looking for a roofing solution, then you can get iron sheets directly from Mabati factories for your project regardless of the scale.

There are tens of iron sheet manufacturing factories in Kenya that produce high quality iron sheets and other roofing related products for their clients. The roofing material comes in various styles, qualities and shapes.

These factories also partner with hardwares ans businesses and supply them with roofing products at wholesale prices.

Apart from the business aspect, Iron sheet manufacturing factories do offer employment opportunities to so many Kenyans.

In this article we take a look at some of the well known iron sheet manufacturing factories that are known to offer high quality roofing products.

Top 10 Iron sheet manufacturing factories in Kenya

  • Rafiki Roofing Mabati

Rafiki Roofing Mabati is a well known roofing solution provider that has been around in Kenya for years.

Rafiki Roofing Mabati is a subsidiary of City Engineering Works Kenya Limited and leverages on the 50-year experience and a long pedigree of quality that City Engineering Works Kenya Limited has observed in manufacturing and supplying trusted and ISO certified products to both residential and industrial customers.

Among roofing accessories provided by Rafiki Roofing Mabati include  Round gutters,Tile Ridges and Flat Ridges.

On the other hand their roofing profiles include; Maxroof, Rafiki Tiles, Roman Tiles, Elites Tiles, Corrugate among others.

Rafiki Roofing Mabati is located off Busia Road in Industrial Area, Nairobi and has been supplying trusted products to both residential and industrial customers for over 50 years.

  • Mabati Yetu Factory

Mabati Yetu Factory is another top rated roofing solution provider in Kenya. They offer high quality roofing solutions at unbeatable prices. Mabati Yetu Factory is Located in Embakasi next to Coca Cola Africa Bottlers. The factory manufactures various mabati profiles including Corrugated, Boxmax, Romax, Zmax, Euromax and Brickmax. The factory also manufactures gypsum channels and studs. Customers can also get stone coated roofing tiles, LGS roofing trusses, PVC gutters and Gypsum ceiling from Mabati Yetu Factory.

On request, you can get custom iron-sheets in your desired length of upto 10 meters from the factory. What’s more, Mabati Yetu offers free delivery to their clients in all parts of Kenya making them a top choice for clients. The company has build a good reputation over years in terms of quality and reliability. You can make direct purchase through the Mabati Yetu Factory website:

Mabati Yet Factory Key Features

-Free delivery countrywide.
-Custom lengths of upto 10 meters.
-Their products are KEBs approved.
-Safe sheets for rainwater harvesting.
-They offer wholesale prices.

Mabati Yetu

  • Mabati Rolling Mills (MRM)

Mabati Rolling Mills is a top roofing solution provider in Kenya and beyond.

The company manufactures a wide range of roofing solutions and is widely know for its Dumusaz range of iron sheets.

Top on the list on their roofing profiles is Dumuzas, DumuRangi, Resincot, CoverMax, MaxCover among others.

Mabati Rolling mills are found in major Kenyan towns with their branches evenly distributed across the country.

Mabati Rolling mills have their distribution centres in Mariakani, Nairobi, Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisii, Thika, Kisumu, Nyeri,Meru, Nakuru and Kitengela.

Whether it is residential roofing solution, industrial and commercial roofing solution, Trussing, Pre-engineered roofing solutions or even ventilations, MRM are ready to meet your needs.

  • Ruiru Mabati Factory

Ruiru Mabati factory is another iron sheet manufacturer in Kenya that is ready to meet the need of all your roofing solutions.

Ruiru Mabati factory in Ruiru, Kiambu, Kenya manufacture quality mabati box profile, Jenga Tile, Colored bricktile ,prepainted corrugated mabati, ridges, valleys, (gauges 26, 28, 30) nails and rubbers. Their roofing systems has a high heat resistance, and a long life span due to their perfectly coated high grade aluminum, zinc and steel. Looking for where to buy high quality mabati in Kenya?, Quality aluzinc roofing sheets in Kenya, box profile roofing in Kenya, Roman long tile in Kenya, Colored bricktile in Kenya at discounted prices? look no further.

RUIRU Mabati is proudly the first roofing sheet manufacturing factory by a Kenyan investor. Since inception over 10 years ago, the factory has continued to provide Kenya construction industry with high quality roofing materials that meet international standards.

  • Rhino Mabati Factory

Rhino Mabati Factory Limited is Kenyan pioneer Manufacturer of Custom Made Luxury coloured Roofing Mabati .Keeping innovation at its core, Rhino Mabati Factory Limited has successfully carved a distinct space in the Kenyan market within a very short span of time.

With scientifically developed custom made roofing Mabati and Free Countrywide delivery that created new benchmarks in quality and enhanced customer saving on almost 25% on offcuts . Rhino Mabati Factory Limited has a wide spectrum of roofing products and variants that are today the pillars of product innovation that has revolutionized Kenyan roofing landscape .

  • Boma Mabati Factory

Boma Mabati Factory is a  wholly owned Kenyan company with its manufacturing plant along Mombasa Road, Pacific crest next to Mastermind tobacco.

They are among Kenya’s leading manufacturers of roofing products and other building materials. At the helm of their success is their CEO who is a qualified civil engineer with in-depth knowledge of the construction industry in Kenya.

Their products are certified by KEBS to guarantee quality. We source our materials from a reputable International Company with over 40 years’ experience in steel manufacturing and fabrication. Their roofing products come with a 15-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

  • Alfa Mabati Factory

Alfa Mabati are manufacturers’ most affordable mabatis and currently among the best in the country thereby making their products the obvious choice for roofing in housing projects or construction.

They offer quite a range of products based on material type, thickness or gauge, width, corrugation design and colour varieties.

Their competent engineers always ensure the delivery of the best finishes. The experience of their supervisors, coupled with their expertise, is simply unbeatable

  • Royal Mabati Factory

For many years, Royal Mabati Factory Limited has supported many clients succeed through their roofing solutions and products. They are a multinational company that primarily deals with roofing materials, starting out with a factory in Nairobi since our inception in 2005. Today, Royal Mabati is one of the leading manufacturers of roofing products with over distribution centers across Kenya and Eastern Africa.

  • Maisha Mabati Mills

Maisha Mabati Limited is part of Devki Group Of Companies which has over three decades of experience in manufacturing of quality steel building products and located in Ruiru Town.

They are manufacturers of Roofing Sheets in Nairobi hence making it centrally located and easier distribution throughout the Country and across the borders.

Among their products include; Maisha Tiles, Maisha Mabati Cover, Maisha- Alu-Zinc Mabati among others.

  • Top Mabati Factory

Top Mabati Roofing is one of Kenya’s leaders in Domestic, Industrial and Commercial Roofing, specializing in the fullest range of roofing. We produce quality roofing sheets and accessories that are second to none.

Top mabati promises to deliver your order anywhere in the country.

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  • Skysail Mabati Factory

Skysail Mabati Limited is Kenyan company that deals with building materials through the Kenya incubator project and covers the whole African market. We produce Colour Roofing mabati and supply decra roofing tiles

Skysail mabati don’t rust even when it rains heavily hence good for rainy areas, they don’t fade hence favorable for sunny areas.

The company promises to deliver their products across the country.

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