2 Ways To Get CRB Clearance In Kenya

To get clearance from CRB is the first step to be free from debts and get freedom to apply for loans or for CRB clearance certificate. While many are stuck and don’t know where to begin from when they are listed with CRB, here are simple steps you need to take for you to get cleared from CRB in Kenya. But first you need to make sure the amount in default that was listed has been paid fully.

In this article, we shall look at 4 different ways you can use to get CRB clearance.

The new government under president William Ruto called for a new formula to give borrowers chance to service their loans progressively rather than punishing and listing then on CRB. This has helped many Kenyans unlisted from CRB and given chance to be able to borrow again. While this move was heavily lauded, millions of Kenyans are still listed with CRB. So how do you get clearance from CRB in Kenya;

The easiest and most effective way to get CRB clearance is to go through a CRB agency. You can contact one through the Email or give them direct call. If you need do it all by yourself, follow any of the procedures below;

How to Get CRB Clearance from TransUnion
  1. Pay Your loan in full
  2. Register with TransUnion by paying 50/- through the paybill number 212121 and your ID number as the account number
  3. Download The TransUnion Nipashe mobile app
  4. Enter your details and activate it by entering the verification you will receive on your phone number
  5. Go through your Loan account details, your credit score and get your credit report
  6. Identify the listing company from your account details
  7. Contact the loan provider and request for batch numbers related to the payment you made. Alternatively you can reach out to CRB agency for assistance.
  8.  Once done, contact the CRB company you are dealing with or any CRB angent for your account to be updated to the current status. You will be asked to submit the batch numbers issued by the money lender for the process to be completed
How To Get CRB Clearance from Metropol

The following are step by step procedures on how to acquire your CRB Clearance Certificate using our Crystobol app;

  1. Download the Crystobol app from PlayStore or Appstore
  2. Fill in your details and complete the request by paying Ksh.100 to receive your Credit Report
  3. You will receive a message with a link and a reference code to download the Credit Report.
  4. While on the app click the CRB clearance certificate option to complete the request
  5. You will receive another message with a link and reference code to download your CRB Clearance Certificate
  6. If you do not qualify for CRB clearance  because you are still listed yet you paid your loan, contact Metropol or CRB Agent for assistance.
Why you should get a CRB Clearance Certificate

A CRB clearance certificate demonstrates your financial probity and integrity. There are 3 occasions when a CRB certificate is required.

1. On request by a financial institution (Banks, Saccos, and MFBs)

2. When applying for a job (government or Private)

3. Tender application process.

It’s important to regularly monitor your credit report to ensure accuracy.You can check your credit report either by downloading Metropol Crystobol App or Dial *433#.

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