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How to create and activate your eCitizen account

An eCitizen account is an online gateway through which Kenyan citizens can be able to access various governmwnt services from various  government departments.

The eCitizen portal goes beyond just accessing various services as one can make payment for the services through the eCitizen online portal and get the necesary documents and certificates as well.

How to create an eCitizen account in Kenya

This article will give you step by step process one can follow to create and activate their eCitizen account.

But who can create an eCitizen account? Any Kenyan or foreigner who posses a national Identity card or passport can log in and create an eCitizen account.

Services offered through eCitizen account online portal

Below are services one can access through eCitizen online portal

  • Civil registration services eg Birth certificate application
  • KRA Tax services
  • Immigration
  • NTSA services such as drivers licenses, vehicle inspection …etc
  • Certificate of good conduct application
  • Lands services
  • Business name registration and search
  • Company registration
  • Marriage


Apart from these services, various counties also offer their services through the eCitizen online portal where county residents can apply and get services such as business permit application, water and sewerage payment, payment of land rates among others.

Requirements for creating an eCitizen account

To be able to create and access the eCitizen online portal one must;

  • Be 18 years and above, with a National ID.
  • Be a Kenyan Citizen or a foreign resident residing in Kenya. Foreigners should have a a valid passport
  • An active email account
  • An active phone number
Step by step procedure of creating an eCitizen account
  • Log into eCitizen website by going to to access the portal.
  • Click on ‘create account’
  • Select the applicable option depending on your purpose and nationality. This includes the options of creating an account as a Kenyan citizen, foreign resident, for business and eVisa. eVisa account is for nationals who require a visa to enter the Republic of Kenya.
  • For a Kenyan nationality, enter your National ID number eg 12345668 and your first name to register. Foreigners will need a foreigner certificate and first name to create an eCitizen account.
  • Provide details of your National ID number, first name, email and password.
  • Confirm your password before proceeding.
  • Accept the terms and conditions then click ‘Continue’.
  • To confirm your email, a confirmation link will be send to your email. Go to your inbox and click on the confirmation link to activate your eCitizen account
  • Upon verifying your email by clicking on the link, you will be redirected to eCitizen dashboard to complete your registration.
  • Enter your email or ID number and your password to log into your eCitizen online portal.
  • Proceed and make application depending on the services you are seeking.

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That’s it. Each time you need to access government services offered through the eCitizen online portal, you will only need to log in to your account using your eCitizen login credentials.

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