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This Is What You Should Look For When Buying Your Next Smartphone

The world of smartphones is so dynamic as new phones emerge each day with more improved features that the previous one. For any individual shopping for a smartphone, getting to know what is the best on the market is a number one factor one should consider before buying a smartphone. This post will give you a guide on some key features on what you should look for when buying a smartphone.

Whereas there are some many expensive phones in the market, there are an equal number of affordable phones with great feature one should look out for and go for it.

The influx of many brands of smartphones into the market has brought about the necessary competition and the customer has a variety to choose from and go for their test. The competition in the market has pushed big companies with reputation to the knee either forcing them to keep up with the competition by improving their quality or close shops.

For anyone planning to buy a smartphone, below are some of the features you should look for before you buy the phone.


The chipset is the engine of the phone and therefore plays a major role in the functionality of any smartphone. A phone’s chipset carries the phone’s processors and this will determine whether your phone can withstand heavy and long hours of usage. If you are a heavy user who need to edit images/videos/documents online, play heavy games, stream videos or often use apps in split screen mode, then smartphones with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset  will be ideal for heavy usage and multi-tasking.

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The battery of your smartphone plays a key role on how long your phone will stay powered on. Today, manufactures of various smartphone brands have pushed the limit of phone battery capacity to make sure users can stay powered on for the longest time possible. With the need for heavy usage most smartphones come with in-built batteries that carry more battery charge than eve before. Currently you should go for a smartphone with at least 4000mAh-6000mAh battery.

what to look for when buying a smartphone

How to Remove In Built Phone Battery


Taking photos and recording videos has become part and parcel of daily activity for most people. Therefore, the Megapixels of your phone camera will play a bigger role in achieving and taking high quality photos and recording quality videos. However it is good to note that having higher number of megapixels does not mean that the smartphone camera is better. Several specifications such as camera aperture, ISO levels, pixel size, autofocus and more are essential as well.

Currently you should consider buying a smartphone with the best and highest combinations of both the Pixel size, aperture, ISO levels and autofocus features of the camera.

what to look for when buying a smartphone


Most of the times, you spend more time looking at the smartphone’s screen. That makes you opt for a great screen. For most people, considering AMOLED screens is the best option for standard smartphones. This is because such screens give you vibrant colors, wide viewing angles, and deep blacks. AMOLEDs screens also help in prolonging the battery life because dark sections don’t display the black color. LCD screens, on the other hand, are also common with cheap devices. They are too cheap to produce. When under direct sunlight, you can easily see because the panel is backlit. Without a doubt, the screens are also becoming bigger and common. Smartphones with less screen to body ratio gives you a wider screen to view more content without much scrolling.

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what to look for when buying a smartphone


Choosing to buy a smartphone from a brand with a good reputation will be a step in the right direction. Some brands are associated with certain technical problem and this should be a guiding factor for you. Getting to find out from people who had used or are using the same brand you wish to buy can greatly help. This is because you will get to find out their experience with the phone brand and model.

In some cases, the brand might also determine also determine the cost of the phone. However, the key features of the smartphone will play a major role in determining the cost of the gadget.

Smartphone RAM

Smartphone Random Access Memory (RAM) plays a major role in the ability to multitask without affecting the user experience. The RAM of your phone also plays a major role in determining the speed of your phone. The higher the RAM, the more tasks can be carried out by your smartphone simultaneously. Most high end devices come with 4GB of system memory installed, and for some super high end smartphones they come installed with 6GB RAM. Other gadgets go higher, such that you can find 8GB of RAM  installed. This is more common on high intensive gaming smartphones. For average users, a RAM of between 2-4 GB RAM is good for multitasking.

Network Technology/ Connectivity

5G technology is here and you do not want to be left behind. The network technology your phone supports will greatly have an impact on the network and internet speed of your phone. Whereas 5G enabled devices are currently not available on the Kenyan market, the 4G technology is be the best network technology that is currently available. You will also need to have a 4G enabled SIM card to be able to use the 4G. In the coming days we expect the 5G technology to be rolled out and this will ensure much stronger network and faster internet speed.

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