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You Can Now Apply and Get Your CRB Clearance Certificate Free of Charge

For the longest time CRB clearance certificate has been the hardest document to acquire in Kenya. This is due to the longest application process and the fees involved. For those seeking this important document, there is some good news. You can now apply for and get the CRB clearance Certificate free of charge without paying the Ksh2,200 certificate application fees.

There are three major registered institutions in Kenya that offers CRB services. The three are Metropol, TransUnion and Credit Info. Of the three, it is only TransUnion that recently eliminated the 2,200 CRB Certificate fee thus making it possible for most Kenyans to get the important document free of charge.

However, not everyone is eligible to apply and get the certificate for free. The free TransUnion CRB clearance certificate will only be be applicable to first time applicants.

In this article we shall look at the procedure one can use to apply for and get the CRB certificate for free.

Which Certificate Is Legit ?

All the three bodies issue legitimate CRB clearance certificates from the Credit Reference Bureau. So whether you are getting your certificate from TransUnion, Metropol or Credit Info, your certificate is legit as the information on your credit worthiness is derived from one bureau.

How To Apply For A Free Clearance Certificate From TransUnion

To be able to apply for a CRB clearance certificate, you must first register with TransUnion and generate your credit report first. The registration fee is Sh.50 payable to Pay Bill number 212121 with your ID number as your Account Number.

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You will also need to download the TransUnion Nipashe mobile App to be able to generate your Credit report. See How to generate and interpret TransUnion Credit Report. If your report is positive you can go ahead and request your Clearance certificate on the App instantly. The certificate will be send to your email immediately.

crb clearance process
TransUnion App Screenshot

In case your report is negative meaning you have been listed with CRB or you have a default account account in arrears, you will have to repay the loan first, get your CRB records updated by a CRB agent. You can contact one here. Then, once your records have been updated, you can go on and generate your certificate.

NOTE: In most cases, your defaulted loan will appear us unpaid and remain listed in CRB records even after you have cleared it. For this to be cleared, you will need to contact the CRB body you are dealing with or an agents to assist you in updating the records. In most cases the agent will require you get a batch number from the money lender first for your records to be updated and get clearance.

Step By Step TransUnion CRB Certificate Generation Process
  • Log in to your TransUnion Nipashe App
  • Enter your details
  • Accept terms and conditions and press next
  • Activate
  • Enter the activation code send to your phone
  • Locate the column written “Clearance Certificate”
  • Enter your Email
  • Send
  • An Email containing the certificate will be send to your Email
  • Download the CRB Certificate document
  • Use your ID Number as the password to be able to open the encrypted CRB Certificate
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That’s it, you will have successfully applied and gotten your free certificate by following the above steps.


  • You will need to download the TransUnion Nipashe App to be Able to Apply for the CRB Certificate
  • Registration with Sh.50 is a must. If you had registered before (less than12 months) do not register again.
  • Do not request for the Certificate before you see and interpret your report. If you are already listed with CRB clear the loan first, get your account updated before you request your CRB certificate. The system will not generate a certificate if you are listed negatively.
  • The certificate is usually valid for a period of one year from the date you acquired it.

CRB Clearance In 2020: Step By Step Procedure Metropol And TransUnion

You can also apply and get your clearance certificate from Metropol by visiting their offices in your nearest town. You can also get agent to help you apply for the certificate. However, for the Meropol Certificate you will have to part with  Sh.2,200 for the certificate.

Why you need to have a CRB Clearance Certificate

CRC clearance Certificate is such an important document such that it is almost a mandatory requirement when carrying out most applications. The certificate will be required when looking for employment, most banks will also need a Clearance certificate before you can be issued with a loan. This is especially much needed if you have loan default history. It is much important to have the certificate ready in advance. This is because you might not be able to apply for it and get it on the go due to the long application process involved.

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Simple Way to Clear Your Name From CRB Listing

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