6 Things to Avoid That Will Make You Poor

Many people are educated but believe me not, a number of Kenyans are living on the edge. It is so painful to come from a humble background only to find yourself struggling in life for the rest of your life. The truth of the matter is a lot of people are stuck in jobs they do not like and are paid a salary that will never fulfill or meet their needs.

If you are a young person, making it in life is a matter of choices you make in life. We are living in a world of ever increasing challenges and at the same time there are plenty of opportunities that most people overlook. Just go give you an insight, we take a look at some of the things to avoid lest you remain poor for the rest of your life.

Things That Can Make You Poor In Life

Spending Too Much Time in School

Acquiring formal or informal vocational training is one of the greatest opportunities you can get. Colleges and Universities arm us with necessary skills and knowledge that we need in life and in our careers. With the desire to advance and reach the peak of the education systems, most people end up spending most of their lives in school only to find it later that it was not worth it.

Am not against advancing your career to the highest level possible, however spending most of your life in school while you have no source of income is complete waste of valuable time you should be using to work and earn. Schools do not teach us how to make money, but instead we pay heavily to acquiring knowledge and skills. Get the necessary skills and Knowledge in school the use it to get money, as you generate money you can advance your education without staining your parents’ resources.

Stop Minding Other Peoples’ Business

Instead of spending your time following and discussing other people’s affairs, why can’t you use that valuable time to mind your own business. Most youths nowadays spend tons of hours reading information that adds no value to their lives while they are stuck in misery and poverty. In my opinion it is important to mind other people’s business only if you intend to help them or you stand to benefit from it. Otherwise, mind your own business.

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Betting And Gambling

Young lives and dreams have totally been ruined by betting and gambling practices. The gambling sector looks so much lucrative to most youth with promises to win big. What most gamblers forget is that there is no single betting and gambling company that is into a loss making business. Betting and gambling companies are making enormous profits at the expense of gamblers who are dreaming of winning big by staking the little they have.

The few who are fortunate enough to win millions find themselves in the same situation and even much broke than they were. My advice, start small and grow your wealth, but do not gamble your wealth. You can never change your life by instantly having large sums of money you had not planned for.

Alcohol and Women

Most young people are busy losing their dreams and wealth to the bottle. The parties and women involves spice it all to send young men back home more  broke than ever before. If you are heavily in love with the bottle and you are a women’s guy, it’s high time you retreat lest you get stuck in it forever. Do the mathematics and you will realize that the money you have spent on drinks and women is more than enough to have built you a business empire, employed people and changed people’s lives.

Staying In Employment Forever

Our education system prepared us for employment and not job creators. No wonder we all went to school to get high grades so as to get good jobs and work for the best companies. We work so hard at our work places to get that coveted promotion. What we forget is that our efforts are directed towards helping our employees make more money and built their empires. I once read a book Rid Dad Poor Dad and it gave me a lot of insights how employment makes us live in two different worlds. I realized most people are enslaved by employment without even noticing. I suggest you read it too.

By staying in employment forever, you hardly change your life. The more you earn the more the government takes away from you through taxation. Most people in employment survive no debts. Everyone who is employed thinks they have a job security. No one wants to take the risk and jump on the other side.

how to aviod poverty

Not Reading

They say readers are leaders. You can never improve yourself if you do not look for information. They say the best way to hide an idea is by putting it in books. That’s very true, most people do not read, and those who read, do not read relevant content. The only way to change the way we think is by reading helpful materials.

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