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List Of Highest Paid Musicians In Kenya

Kenyan musicians are among the highest paid in the region and beyond. Music has come a long way and musicians are no longer paid peanuts as it used to be back in the days. Among the east African countries Kenya presents itself as one of the largest market for music and Musicians both locally and outside.

Musicians such as Sautisol, have built a brand that puts them on the face of the world thus making them one of the most sought after band in the region and beyond.  In as much as Kenyan Musicians continue to see a steady rise in their pay cheque, they face a stiff completion from their counterparts especially from Tanzania and Uganda.

Most top east African giants in the industry such as Diamond are highly paid than most of their counterparts from Kenya.

Highest paid kenyan artists

Sources of Earnings For Musicians/Artists

Gone are the days artists used to depend on stage performances alone to earn. Currently Kenyan musicians earn from various sources among the available revenue sources for Musicians in Kenya include:

  • Royalties from Music Copyright Society of Kenya
  • Endorsements from companies and organizations
  • Downloads from various online platforms
  • Youtube
  • On Demand platforms like Skiza, Viusasa, Mbogi etc
  • Live shows
  • Direct selling of their Music

how mucha do artists earn in kenya

Some musicians have gone ahead and packaged themselves well and sell their own merchandized products such as  T-shirts, Jerseys ,Jumpers, Perfumes and shoes just to name but a few.

If you are thinking of jumping into the music industry, do not look back as it is a lucrative industry but you will have to work your way up the ladder.

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How Much do Kenyan artist charge for performance

Artists such as Sautisol church as high as 5 million to have them step on the stage and perform in an event. To get other artists such as Nameless, Gloria Muliro, Kalighraph Jones, Willy Paul and Bahati on the stage you will have to part with between Sh.300,000 to Sh.1 Million.

Depending on the artists, some musicians charge per minute of performance while most artist have a flat rate charge offer depending on their agreement with event organizers.

Considering that most established artist usually make an average of three appearances every month, most artist end up pocketing close to a million ever month.

That said and done, the major factor that will determine your market and worth is your content and how you have branded yourself.

list of highest paid misicians

Here is the table showing the average earnings of Musicians per performance.

Highest Paid Kenyan Musicians/Artist

ArtistAverage performance Charges (KSHS)
Sauti SolSh.1.5 M
King KakaSh.1 M
Hat the BandSh.1M
Kalighraph JonesSh.800,000
Willy PaulSh.800,000
Nandy MukamiSh.800,000
Arrow BwoySh.600,000
Gloria MuliroSh.600,000
Mercy MasikaSh.500,000
Size 8Sh.400,000
Victoria KimaniSh.400,000

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