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Possible Reasons for Rejection of TSC Number Application

You  applied  for a TSC number but it is taking ages to be processed. Rejected application, missing of crucial details and being impatient are some of the reasons you have not received your TSC Number .

TSC requires all teachers  upon completion of training to register with the Teachers Service Commission before engaging in active  teaching . However, the application  process of a TSC Number is not a walk in the  park. Missing any of the crucial documents during the application process may sabotage the whole  process .

Here are some possible reasons you are yet to get your TSC Number.

  • You are impatient

After making successful application, the applicant should wait for a period of one month for the application request to be processed . This waiting period may however be extended depending on the workload at TSC. Always be patient and keep on checking on the teachers online system. Even though late, your TSC number will be processed.

  • Your Application was Rejected

In an event you applied for a TSC number but your application was rejected or failed. A number of reasons could be hindering the process. The common reasons for a rejected or failed application include:

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1. Giving wrong details during application
2. Missing details in your application
3. Lack of proper relevant academic and professional qualification
4. Previous record of criminal offenses that renders you unfit to serve as a teacher
5. Engaging in activities that are prejudicial to peace, order and good governance
6. Bad moral conduct with former offense confliction such as sexual offense or other offense against the learner.
7. If the applicant suffers physical or mental infinity that renders them incapable of performing the duties of a teacher

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A registered member with teachers service commission can also lose his or her membership and their names removed from the teachers list if you go against the teachers code of conduct. A de registered teacher is not allowed to engage in teaching activity and depending on the violation or offense committed one risks being sentence to prison.

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