5 Ways To Make Money With Jumia

Jumia is an online market place platform that enables people to place orders and purchase various products from any part of the country. This mode of business gives a chance to various business people to partner with Jumia and make money in various ways, this is because Jumia does not own products sold on the platform.

How can you make money with Jumia?

There are various ways through which one can make real money on Jumia platform. If you have been pondering on how you can do it, below are some ideas people are using to make money with Jumia.

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  1. Start Selling on Jumia

Jumia offers opportunities for entrepreneurs to sell their products on the Jumia platform. If you own a shop and would wish to reach more customers, then you can register as a Jumia vendor. This way, your products will be available for purchase on Jumia platform. In return Jumia takes a commission from successful sales of your products and you get to remaining profit. However, this opportunity is only available for vendors and business people within Nairobi.

  1. Refer Clients to Jumia

You can register with Jumia JForce and look for customers willing to make purchases on Jumia online market. Through your Jumia JForce account, you can place orders on behalf of Jumia clients. You earn a commission on every purchase made by the person you referred. The more clients you refer to Jumia, the higher the amount you earn in terms of commission.

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  1. Start a Jumia Pickup station

If you own a shop in any part of Kenya or even outside the country, you can earn an extra coin by offering your shop as a pick up station. This will enable you to get a commission on every successful delivery made. This is a great way to make money with Jumia. You need to register as Jumia agent to be able to have your shop used as a Jumia pickup station.

  1. Join Jumia Affiliate program

Jumia Affiliate program is one of the best ways to make money with Jumia. If you own a blog you can monetize your blog with Jumia links tailored for you and earn a commission on every successful purchase that comes through your link. The beauty of this is that you can share your Jumia affiliate links on social media and reach more potential clients.

  1. Apply For Jumia Jobs

Jumia offers job opportunities to people in various fields. Among the fields that Jumia hires people includes; IT experts, managers, Delivery personnel, Drivers, Social Media Managers among others. You can scout out on Jumia website job corner or their social media platforms for available job opportunities.

There you have it, there might be other available ways to make money on Jumia online platforms not discussed here. However this are the most common ways you can use and start earning with Jumia.

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