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List of Low Paying Jobs In Kenya- Poorly Paid Workers

Some jobs in Kenya are associated with poor or low pay to workers in Kenya. These jobs are both in public sector and private sector. Salaries are key when it comes to getting employed. Worst remunerated in Kenya are turns off to many but surprisingly most jobs with poor pay have the largest number of workers especially in the public sector. In this article, we look at some of the low paying jobs in Kenya.

Poorly Paid Workers In Kenya

Here are some jobs in Kenya with worst pay

  1. Waiters

Waiters are some of the worst paid workers. Considering that they mostly work in private sectors, Most waiters work under poor condition with long working hours and low pay. Waiters who work in big hotels earn good amount than most civil servants, however a majority of waiters work in average and low cost hotels associated with poor pay.

A waiter in Kenya earns an average monthly salary of Ksh 10,000 with a considerable number earning 15,000.

Those working in big hotels earn a minimum salary of Sh.30,000 per month

  1. Merchandisers

Merchandisers are part of the sales team and their work involves promoting products to increase sales. Am sure you have met several of them promoting products from various companies. A large number of them promote telecommunication company products majorly SIM cards.

They play a big role in sales and promotion of various products and company policies but the dark side is in the pay they receive. In fact most of them are not paid as they only earn a commission on products they promote.

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The commission is usually very low and making even one successful sale is usually an uphill task. This leaves merchandisers with little to almost nothing especially in cases where the company does not cater for the cost of transport and meals.

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  1. Receptionists

Receptionists play a critical role in organizations but they are usually under looked when it comes to salary. The smile they put on when welcoming and assisting visitors is quite contrary to the pain they feel when most of them receive their peanut pay cheques. Statistics show that the average monthly salary for a Receptionist/Customer Care Officer in Kenya is Ksh 15,000.

  1. Supermarket Attendants

Cashiers, merchandisers and other employees in supermarkets fall under this category. These people work a lot but their salaries are way below what you think.
The average salary of a Cashier in a Kenyan Supermarket is Ksh 20,000 others are even paid less than Ksh 10,000.

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  1. Watchmen/Guards

Watchmen and guards play a critical role in almost every sectors of the Kenyan economy. However, they are among the poorly paid individuals. In most cases you will meet a guard in at the entrance of almost every building in Kenya. There are many companies that offer guards services however remuneration of guards still remains very low. Depending on the company that one works for, on average guards earn a monthly salary of Sh.12,000.

However companies such as G4S are known to offer a better pay to their guards.

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  1. Teachers

Teachers form the largest civil servants group in Kenya but their numbers is nothing close to what they earn.

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Dubbed as the Nobel profession, a teacher makes a Doctor, a lawyer, a Manager, a Pilot but in most cases he remains where his student left him.

The average salary of a primary teacher is Ksh.25,000 with their counterparts in secondary schools earning around Ksh.35,000.

The pay is even much worse for teachers in the private sector who earn as little as Sh.15,000 or less.

ecde teachers salary
USG: Photo Courtesy

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  1. Nurses

Nurses play a critical role in attending to patients in our hospitals. Their work is associated with long working hours with some working during odd hours to ensure patients are attended to. Nurses in public hospitals receive an average of Sh.25,000 while their counterparts in private sector receive an average salary od Sh.18,000 per month.

  1. Police Officers

Tasked with maintaining law and order, the police service is another large civil servant group in Kenya. They comprise of the AP, the Kenya Police, The KWS officers, Prison Officers among others. The recent changes saw the merger between the AP ( Administration Police) and the Kenya Police. Police are among poorly paid civil servants with their living conditions in terms of housing still remaining a big challenge. On average a police officer in Kenya earns an average of Sh.25,000.

Police officers continue to top the ranks when it comes to bribe taking according to the latest reports. This is partly attributed to their poor remuneration.

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9. House helps

Househelps by fer are some of the least paid workers in Kenya. This domestic workers play a crucial role in breathing lives to our homes but when it comes to pay, they are among the least paid. The minimum wage of domestic workers in Cities is set at Ksh. 8,580 while those in Municipals earn around 7,000.

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Several househelps are still paid less than Ksh.5,000 in monthly salaries in most household.

10. County askaris

County askaris are the last but not list on the list of poorly paid workers in Kenya. These Askaris commonly known us kanjo’s play a major role is ensuring their is smooth flow of business in our towns and aid in collection of county revenue. However, their pay is wanting and majority of them take home less than Ksh.20,000 each month.


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