Latest DStv Packages And Prices In Kenya

DStv offers one of the best paid TV services in Kenya and around the world. Over time, prices for various DStv packages have continued to come down making the services more affordable to Kenyans. The latest offers gives DStv customers some of the best packages to subscribe to.

DStv has also seen the number of customers increase thanks to their reliable Super HD quality TV services that connects customers to unlimited number of channels.

The latest DStv packages are grouped in five different categories with each enabling the subscriber to access a number of specified channels. The five available packages are namely  Dstv Access, Family, Compact Act, Compact Act Plus and Premium. Regardless of the package you are subscribed to, you get to enjoy all the local channels on all packages at your disposal. Here are the latest DStv packages and prices in Kenya.

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DStv Packages And Their Monthly Subscription Costs

PackageMonthly Subscription Cost (Ksh)Number Of Channels
AccessSh.900Over 60 Channels
FamilySh.1,350Over 70 Channels
CompactSh.2600Over 90 Channels
Compact PlusSh.4,700Over 100 Channels
PremiumSh.7,800Over 115 Channels
DStv Access

DStv access is the cheapest and most affordable DStv package in Kenya. With DStv Access you get to watch over 60 channels plus all the local channels. Among the reputable channels on DStv access are; African Magic, Maisha Magic TeleMundo and Net Geo plus a number of local and international channels on general entertainment.

For sports lovers, with DStv Access you get to watch SuperSport BLITZ, SuperSport Football and SuperSport Variety. DStv access also has a variety of channels for Kids, Music, religion, and News channels both local and international.

A photo of DStv decoder

DStv Family

DStv Family which goes for Ksh.1,350 per month has over 70 channels. The package is quite affordable with channels such as Maisha Magic East Africa, net geo World BBC lifestyle and many others at your disposal. Sports lovers get to watch channels such as ESPN, Sports BLITZ SuperSports Laliga, SuperSport Football among others. DStv family also has a long list of channels on for Kids, Music, religion, and News channels both local and international.

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DStv Compact

DStv Compact is another wonderful and affordable package that comes with over 90 channels. At Ksh. 2,600, you get to upgrade to DStv Compact and enjoy unlimited shows.

You get access to premium entertainment channels like M-Net Action and M-Net Series. For animal and nature lovers the Animal Planet and National Geographic channel. For this package, SuperSport Premier League, SuperSport Laliga, SuperSport Football and SuperSport Variety 2, 3 and 4 are also included.

DStv Compact Plus

DStv Compact Plus is another package that cannot disappoint. The package is full of channels both local and international with HD images. At Ksh. 4,700 per month, you get to subscribe to over 100 channels on DStv Compact Plus Package. The package has more additional packages that  you will not get in Compact package. The package has a long list of channels on for Sports, Kids, Music, religion, and News channels both local and international.

DStv Premium

DStv Premium presents you with over 115 Channels at a monthly subscription fee of Ksh. 7,800. Although it is the most expensive package, DStv Premium presents you with all the premium channels on SuperSport Variety and almost all international league channels. The package is also super to Motor sports lovers and the biggest international news stations around the world like Aljazeera, BBC, Bloomberg Television just to name but a few.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy and install DStv ?

DStv Decoder goes for as low as Ksh.1,999 only. However for you to get the whole package of the decoder the dish and installation service at your home, you will need to have around Ksh.5,000. Wherever you are, the services will be provided for you and start enjoying DStv services.

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