4 Places You Can A Buy Laptop and Pay Later In Kenya

There are several online platforms where you can buy a laptop and pay later in Kenya. There are many people who want to buy laptops but they do not have the money to pay for it at once. These platforms allows them to pay it when they get the money

The rise of this platforms has been necessitated by penetration of mobile money and the rising middle class economy. If you have seen a laptop online that costs say Ksh. 35,000 and you realy need to own it but have no enough cash, here are platforms you can buy a laptop in Kenya and pay later in Kenya;

4 Places You Can A Buy laptop and Pay Later In Kenya

1. Aspira

2. Lipa Later

3. FlexPay

4. Lipa MosMos


Get A New laptop on credit with Aspira

Aspira has partnered with the leading retailers of Kenya to bring to you the best deals on the market. You can now access a wide range of products and choose the products you need or that you’ve always wanted to have.

Aspira helps Kenyans live their best life today, by enabling them to buy their dream products now and pay later in easy monthly installments.

With Aspira you can Furnish your home, buy the latest Mobile Phone, new Household Appliances, Electronics, IT Gadgets or even take that long-overdue Family Holiday, look no further.

Buy A laptop on Credit and pay later with Lipa Later

Lipa Later is another online platform that allows you to own and have unrestricted use of what you want while you pay for it in affordable and flexible monthly installments. They make this experience possible through partnering with your favorite stores in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and Rwanda.

With Lipa later you can now own a laptop and pay later

Get a brand New Laptop With FlexPay on Credit and Pay in Installment

FlexPay is another brand that brings merchants to you. They have partnered with top brands and stores to make your purchase easier.

With FlexPay, you can get a laptop buy following three simple steps on their online platform

First, Visit their merchant store or FlexPay marketplace and book a product.

Second,Using Mpesa, card payment, or bank transfer, make an initial small deposit towards your booking or goal.

Lastly, once you save up in full, you can get your product/service by checking out from the store or accessing your goal savings.

Get A Brand New laptop and Pay later with Lipa MosMos

Lipa Mosmos platform has great partnerships to give you the best deals at the best prices on all products and services.

With Mosmos, you can make hassle free payments at 0% interest with no pressure and you will pay at your own pace.

They also promise that you will get your item delivered to you within 24 hours after full payment or pick up from their partner merchants

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