How To Set Up Your Own Website Without Any Technical Skills

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In the current digital world, technical skills have been simplified to a level that you can get anything you want without the need of much technical skill. One area that used to be hectic was web designing.

Currently websites can be designed from zero without the need of understanding any coding or programming language. Thanks to web hosting companies like host pinnacle that offers free site builders that can be installed by a click of a button.

Many people and businesses desires to own website but because of limited knowledge and skills,they end up giving it a cold shoulder. A website is the best tools to reach thousands of people daily and today i will show you how to set up a website without technical skills.

Before you can build you website you will need to have some details on what you want.

All You Need To have and Know before Creating a Website

Before you can create your website from the ground you will need to know and have some details

Get a Domain Name

With so many websites on the web , you need to come up with a name that identifies you or your website. This unique identify name is what is called your domain name. The domain name helps to direct people to your website whenever someone searches for your website. Create a unique domain name eg and search for its availability.

Look For A Hosting Companies

Once you have done a domain name search and confirmed its availability, you will need to get a company that will host your website. The good news is that, most web hosting company also offer domain name registration services.

Consider a company that offers the best services at an affordable price. Companies such as host pinnacle, Kenya web experts and Bitsimba are well known to offer high quality services at an affordable price.

What I like most about these companies is that they offer relatively large disk space and they also offer free SSL certificates ensuring your website and data is ever secure. To add on, your website will load faster thanks to their SSD powered disks.

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They also come with multiple free services that would have otherwise cost you an arm and a leg.

Here is a list of some of the best web hosting companies you can consider.

  1. Host Pinnacle
  2. Kenya Web Experts
  3. Bitsimba
  4. Mambo Host
  5. Sasa Host
  6. Kenya Web
  7. True Host Kenya

I must say two of my websites are hosted by Bitsimba and Host pinnacle and I cannot complain. You can check out my other website here.

I am in the process of acquiring a third one and most likely I am considering to host it with Kenya web experts.

Having background knowledge on what is bet has been the guiding factor that helps me make wise choices that I have never regretted. I have seen many run to host their website with foreign companies and their data is stored thousands of kilometers away, only to be disappointed with their services after signing up.

Currently majority of the local companies do offer great services, some even better than most foreign companies. What I love most is that you will not go through the hustle of converting and making payments through foreign currencies and channels as local companies offers straight forward payment methods.

Download the Necessary Tools

Once you have chosen your preferred package and paid for it, you will be able to log into your website Cpanel where you can make the necessary settings and downloads. Among the most important tools to download and install is content management Systems like WordPress.

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