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10 Ways To Make Money Online

Whether you are a student, have completed your studies and looking for something to give you quick cash or you are just looking for a job to earn you income, then online jobs may be a great deal for you. In Kenya there are quite a number of online jobs you can do here and outside the country and earn good amount. Many people currently have taken online jobs as their full time jobs. Simply by using your phone or laptop you can make money online even from home

Here is a list of some of the online jobs you can begin. Note that it might seem not to be working out but if you will be consistence it will surely pay off.

  1. Freelancer

If you are creative or have knowledge in any field, then you can share your knowledge at a fee. There are various online available that you can sign up with. Freelancing is a wide field for any technical or creative work for anybody. Here you are paid for doing all manner of jobs ranging from writing,singing,playing games, completing  surveys among others.  Some of the freelancing sites you can sign up with include:

  • Slice Pie-Listening and rating audios
  • Iwriter– Writing
  • Swagbugs-Surveys
  • Fiverr– Writing/creative work
  • Upwork- Writing/Creative work
  • Make Money– Surveys/Playing games
  • Premise-Survrys
  • Transcribe Me– Transcribe Audios
  1. Creating Info Products

An info-product is any digital information that can be sold or otherwise made available in the form of downloadable file online.

You can create various types of info-products that can be developed as e-books, online courses, manuals, textbooks, and software. This type of activity can be performed in a home-based model since it does not require physical space for production or storage.

  1. Start Blogging

This is one way of making money while you are asleep. You can create your own blog or promote other peoples blogs at a fee. By creating your own blog there are various ways you can earn from it.

  • Monetize your blog: This is a method of allowing advertising companies or individual companies to display adverts to your audience.
  • Affiliate Marketing: promote businesses on your blog through content or displaying links of their products on your site
  • Self-Promotion: Use your blog to market your services or products and link to customers directly

To get started with blogging see How To Set Up Your Own Website Without Any Technical Skills

  1. Content Production

You can make good money if you embrace this field. Content such as videos ,photos or great articles can be a great source of revenue. You can start a YouTube channel and post great videos. You can directly promote yourself through videos, monetize your channel to run adverts and earn money from them or promote other peoples products at a fee.

  1. Start an Online shop

If you are running a business and your customer reach is limited, starting an online shop can be one of the best ideas. First, you need to know what to sell on the Internet. Give preference to niche markets to avoid competition from major players in the market. To succeed in this business; it is best to do proper research on e-commerce to have an accurate idea of what to do in this segment.

       6. Sell On Marketplaces

You do not need the whole structure of a virtual store to sell over the Internet. There are several marketplaces where you can sell your products without the need for an e-commerce plan.

You can sell on sites like Jumia, Masoko, eBay, Amazon Alibaba right here from Kenya. There you can sell whatever you want provided it is within the rules established by the site.

  1. Become a Social Media Influencer.

If you are active on popular social media like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp and you have a huge following then its time you turn all that into an income generating activity.You have the ability to set up trends, you can hook up with brands and promote their products on your platforms. Displaying their ads , talking positively about their products or services or sharing a short video on your platform at a fee can really be a great deal.

  1. Become a Social Media Manager

Almost every business is finding a footing on the internet. Social media has become a haven for most businesses. However many find themselves between a hard place and a rock when it comes to engaging prospective clients online and serving them at the same time. Managing the social medias of businesses has currently turned into a full time job for many.

  1. Sell Websites

If you have skills in creating websites, then this can be a great field to venture in. You can create beautiful websites for different niches and put them up for sell.

      10. Forex Trading

If you are interested in forex trading, go a head and learn about how forex market works, a lot of guys out there earn a lot of money on the forex market. With a laptop and some little capital to begin with, you can analyze shares trends and exchange rates around the world and invest in this lucrative business.

Before you trade, you must learn a forex market. To practice your knowledge you can create a Demo Account, which will allow you to trade with non-existent money, so you will not lose your capital. To understand the possible volume of your trading, you can use forex calculator, which will help you to point out your margin, pip value and swaps.



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