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How To Get An Affidavit In Kenya

An affidavit is a legal document that indicates the authenticity of a person’s particulars or details such as names or ownership. Among the cases you will be required to apply for and produce an affidavit is when you are seeking employment but your names appears differently on your documents. Today we look at how to get an affidavit in Kenya.

Nowadays, there are many cases where someone’s details are different. For instance your ID name does not match with the names on your birth certificates. Or your names on your National Identity card are different from the ones in your academic documents.

Whether the difference was by mistake or deliberate, getting an affidavit will be the only proof that all the names and details belong to the same person. It also proves that the different documents belongs t the same person.

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How to get an Affidavit in Kenya

Considering the chances of impersonation might occur in various cases, getting the affidavit involves a legal procedure so as to minimize or eliminate such cases. Therefore, for one to get an affidavit, one must go through an advocate who will bear witness and affirm the true identity of the applicant.

The advocate after confirming that the document belongs to the same person will issue you with an affidavit which you will use at any place as an affirmation of your true identity.


The process of applying for the affidavit involves swearing that no forgery or impersonation was done.

The affidavit will be of great important as it proofs all the documents indicated in the affidavit belongs to the same person. There is no limit to the number of documents to be included in the affidavit.

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