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Best Places To Visit In Eldoret: Tour Guide

Eldoret is one of the best tourist destinations for travelers, tourists and local residents of this Great Rift Valley region. If you are visiting Eldoret, I will guide you on some of the best places to visit while in Eldoret. You will find most of these places the best to relax and hang out. Eldoret has some of the best resorts and hotels as well.

Eldoret is the home of Kenya’s top athletes and has some of the best facilities and hotels. The town is growing and developing at a high speed thus attracting more investors and dwellers.

Below is a list of some of the best places you can visit or tour either as an individual, with your partner or as a team

Best Places To Visit and Relax In Eldoret
Boma Inn

The Boma Inn Eldoret hotel is a combination of attractive architecture and modern facilities that makes your stay a truly unique and memorable experience. The facility is located in Elgon view estate in Eldoret town. Their services are unbeatable and they offer both African dishes, special dishes on demand and accommodation. The facility is located in a quite serene cool environment away from noise. Visit the Bomma inn hotel and you will love their services.

best resort in Eldoret

Rupa’s Mall

The facility was opened to the public in 2018 and has received an overwhelming number of visitors. The mall was built on a large surface area offering enough space for parking and recreational facilities. At Rupa’s Mall, you get to enjoy recreational facilities for both adults and children.

The mall encompasses high end shops, eateries, a supermarket and a cinema hall. The mall receives high number of visitors on a daily basis. On holidays, you will be shocked by the heightened activities at Rupa’s mall. Rupa’s Mall is the best place to hang out and relax.

Rupa’s Mall is located 1KM from Eldoret town on Eldoret Nairobi Road.

Rupa's Mall Eldoret

Poa Place Resort

Poa Place is a great place to visit with family, friends, groups and even for an individual visit. It is more than just a resort. Apart from offering spacious food and accommodation, it has calm parks made of beautiful flowers, lawns, ponds and trees. Play activities are available with a park where one can get to see wild animals. It is located on Eldoret Nairobi highway near KCC Milk processing plant.

Naiberi River camp Site

Naiberi Camping Site offers the best experience for touring and relaxation. From dining Caves to nature walk and swimming. Naiberi River Camp Site is a Place to Visit. The site is some 15KM from Eldoret town and is located next to river Naiberi

High Altitute Training Centre Iten

The high altitude training Centre in Iten is the best facility where one can relax, do warm ups and enjoy swimming. At the high Altitude training Centre, you get to enjoy a hot Sauna and feel refreshed than ever before. You also get to enjoy your favorite meal at your request and the cool environment is amazing.

The facility is best suited for athletes due to the availability of training facilities. But it is also open for travelers and tourists. The facility is located on Eldoret Iten Road on your left as you enter Iten town from Eldoret.

Best Places To Visit In Kenya: Tour Guide

The Nobel Conference Centre

The Nobel Conference Centre is a perfect place to hold a conference where quite a number of people attend. It offers good accommodation a quiet environment. It is also the best place to hang and relax.

Eldoret Club

Although it is a private facility, other members of the public can are allowed to access the club’s facilities and accommodation at a fee. Eldoret Club is well maintained and classy. Many events and public rally are usually held at this facility. The facility is located some few meters from Eldoret town on your way to Langas.

Twiga Resort

Twiga Resort was initially meant to serve as a training Centre for athletes, but over time it has grown into a local resort for the public. It’s cool and pretty comfortable for both domestic and international tourists.

Best Private Academies in Eldoret

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