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Forget Option for Wi-Fi Password reset

After Wi-Fi password has been reset or changed, you will need ‘the forget password’ option on your computer to be able to key in the new Wi-Fi password. However most people find themselves unable to connect to the new Wi-Fi using the new password, instead you end up getting a getting a prompt message ‘can’t connect to this network.’ By following the prompts, Settings< Network settings<Manage Wi-Fi<Forget<Connect to Wi-Fi, you will be able to enter the new Wi-Fi Password

Each time a new Wi-Fi password is changed. All logged in users are disconnected to the Wi-Fi. All you need to do is get the new Wi-Fi password and look for the forget password option to be able to be connected back to the Wi-Fi using the new password.

Wi-Fi Password

How to reconnect to the Wi-Fi after password change.

To be able to connect again on Wi-Fi after the change of Wi-Fi password:

  1. Click on the hidden icon on the bottom right of your computer
  2. Click on the Wi-Fi icon
  3. Click on network settings
  4. Click on manage Wi-Fi settings
  5. Identify the Wi-Fi you wish to connect to
  6. Click on the Wi-Fi
  7. Click on ‘Forget’
  8. Go back on the Wi-Fi icon
  9. On the list of available Wi-Fi, select the one you wish to connect to
  10. Enter the Wi-Fi password
  11. Click Connect

Wi-Fi Password

By following these simple steps you will be able to reconnect to your Wi-Fi

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How to reset Wi-Fi password from settings panel

To reset the Wi-Fi password of the network you were previously connected to;

  1. Go to My Computer or type ‘setting’ from the search box
  2. Select ‘Open Settings’
  3. Select ‘network & Internet
  4. Select ‘Manage Wi-Fi Settings’
  5. Identify the Wi-Fi you wish to connect to
  6. Click on ‘Forget’
  7. Go back on the Wi-Fi icon on home screen
  8. Select the Wi-Fi Network you wish to connect to
  9. Enter Wi-Fi Password
  10. Click ‘Connect’
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New Wi-Fi Password

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