How to Upgrade Your Laptop RAM

At one point or another laptop computer speed may reduce. This is a common phenomenon as the more your tasks increase the more your computer processing speed reduces. This will automatically call for an increase in your computer RAM (Random Access Memory).

Upgrading your computer RAM simply means increasing the capacity of your computer RAM. The operating system you use on your laptop is also key to determining need for more  RAM. Greater operating system means increase in tasks hence your processing speed might be affected if your RAM is not upgraded.

If your laptop is running on Windows 7 and you want to upgrade to a higher operating system say windows 10, the you must factor in the need for more RAM.
But increasing the RAM of your computer laptop might be a dilemma as there are key factors one must consider before taking a step to upgrade the RAM. I have come a cross individuals making gross mistakes in the process of changing or upgrading their computer RAMs that ends up damaging their computer RAM or the computer itself

Understanding a Computer RAM

RAMs came in different forms and sizes in terms of capacity and design
RAMs are portable and can be plugged and unplugged from a computer at anytime
Laptop RAMs tends to be smaller in size while desktop computer RAMs are fairly large in terms of design size. It should be noted that the sizes might be different but their capacity can be the same.
Before acquiring the RAM one must first determine the type that is compatible with their computer. The common brands on the market are PC1, PC2,PC3 and PC4 for laptops and DDR 1,2,3 and 4 brands for Desktop computers.
How you physically handle the RAM is very crucial. Touching the metallic blade part of a RAM with your bare hands is likely to damage the RAM. Carefully handle with care anytime you get in contact with RAMs.

How to Upgrade Your Computer RAM

For almost all laptop computers one will need to access the RAM compartment by opening the back cover of your laptop. In most cases you need to unscrew the nuts to remove the back cover to access it. However before you begin the whole process make sure your laptop charger is unplugged and your laptop battery is removed. The same applies to desktop CPU users

1. Unplug the charger and remove the back battery. Removing or inserting a RAM while the current is flowing will automatically short circuit your RAM and damage it.
2. Remove the back cover of your laptop
3. Identify RAM compartment in your laptop
4. Checks to make sure the RAM you want to add is compatible with your laptop slot.
5. Remove the RAM you want to change by pulling the clips apart and insert the new one.
6. If your laptop has an extra slot do not remove the initial one but instead insert the new RAM in the extra slot
7. Carefully return the back cover in position and connect to power
8. Power on the laptop
9. Head to On my computer and click on properties to confirm your laptop has picked the new RAM.

If these steps are followed properly your laptop RAM will be automatically be upgraded. Your PC will be able to process files much faster than before. It should be noted that apart from upgrading your computer RAM a number of factors determines the performance of your laptop computer.

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