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Sites You Can Download Copyright Free Images

If you are looking for free images to download, there are several sites that offers copyright free stock photos that you can download and use for your project without any copyright issues. These images can be used by content writers, designers, programmers or any other piece of work that involves using images or photos.

You do not need to stress yourself looking for a particular photo or image that suits your piece of work. Going to the field with a camera just to take that one photo can prove to be an uphill task that is time consuming and you might end up not getting the exact photo you really wanted. So instead of stressing yourself up, I will guide you through a number of websites you can visit and search for your desired photos and use them on your work. These sites offer tons of free stock photos available for anyone.

Best Free Stock Photos Sites

Below is a list of top sites that offers free stock photos

  1. Pexels
  2. Getty Images
  3. Pixabay
  4. Canvas
  5. StockSnap
  6. Burst
  7. Unsplash
  8. Stockvault
  9. Life of Pix
  10. Google Images
  11. SplitShire

Here is what you should expect from the above free stock image sites

Free stock Photos

  1. Pexels

Pexels is an online website that provides high quality and completely free stock photos licensed under the Pexels license. All photos are nicely tagged, searchable and also easy to discover through its discover pages. Only free images from its community of photographers are added to its photo database

Coyright free images

  1. Getty Images is one of the best sites when it comes to free stock images. They have a variety of images for different niches and come in different sizes. If you are looking for free Zoom virtual background for your video calls, then Getty images will get you sorted. With Getty Images you can also download copy right free videos and music tracks for your work.


  1. Pixabay

Pixabay offers a vibrant community of creatives, sharing copyright-free images and videos. The site allows you to download royalty-free photos and videos and also allows you to share your pictures as a public domain with people all over the world. All these are at your disposal for free.

Free stock Images

  1. Canvas

Canvas is one of the best online image editing site. It offers you a variety of images that you can customize to make your own piece of work. This canvas, you can create post cards and templates of different sizes. They offer both paid and free versions, but I find the free version enough for most of the work.

  1. StockSnap

StockSnap is a free stock image site by entrepreneurs Christopher Gimmer and Marc Chouinard, also developers of graphic design tool Snappa. In StockSnap they give away tens of thousands of high-resolution images covering various popular subjects in a modern and very trendy style. The library is built on the base of user submissions, and all photos are free. It is much reliable for free.

Free photos

  1. Burst

Burst is one of the best free Photo sites that are copyright free, Burst is a resource from Shopify that provides free stock photos for entrepreneurs. Some photos are licensed while others fall under Shopify’s own photo license.

The website was launched to help entrepreneurs make better products, websites, and marketing campaigns material. Most of the pictures are original photos that were taken in-house and are themed around trending business niches — everything from DIY beard oil to Aliexpress LED sneakers. You can also find more general photographs as well.

copyright free photos

  1. Unsplash

Unsplash offers free high resolution photos and is one of the best source for stock images. Unsplash allows photographers to upload photos to its website, which are then curated by a team of photo editors. The permissive copyright terms on its photos have led to Unsplash becoming one of the largest photography suppliers on the internetworld, with its members’ photos frequently appearing on articles.

Unsplash’s license terms restricts the sale of photos without first updating, modifying, or otherwise incorporating new creative elements into the photos. Unsplash also prohibits selling of unaltered copies, including selling the photos as prints or printed on physical goods.


  1. Stockvault

Stockvault is well known to be a free stock photo site that allows photographers & artists to share their photos and artwork. They have tons of collections of high resolution photos. They also offer ready to use web layouts and logos. They have both paid and free photos that can be downloaded.

Life of pix

  1. Life Of Pix

Life of Pix is another will known site that offers copyright free photos. Life of Pix is a resource created by the LEEROY creative agency offering free high-resolution photos with no copyright restrictions.

Google Images

  1. Google Images

Google images search allows you to filter images by usage rights to avoid copyright issues. The downside is that, the images on Google Image Search tend to be pretty generic and not all that aesthetically pleasing. They are generally of lower quality and have a less professional compared to stock photography.

To get the google images, just google the keyword and filter using the image option. You will be presented with a variety of images to choose from. You can get the images inform of PNGing,PNGPlay orIcon8

Copyright Free photo

  1. SplitShire

SplitShire has thousands of professional copyright free styled photos that can be downloaded and used for free. SplitShire photos are very safe: they’re created by a professional photographer Daniel Nanesou who knows how licensing works, are offered under his own custom license, and as you know he’s the copyright owner you have a direct way of addressing extra rights requirements. This makes SplitShire one of the most reliable free stock photos website around the world.


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