Top Digital Marketing Trends For 2022 And How To Best Take Advantage

As each year passes by, digital marketing gets even more complex. In addition to basics like Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, branding, and UX, digital marketers now have to note emerging social media channels and the ever-evolving regulations, along with content, automation, and personalization, to name a few.

At the start of the new year, we asked top digital marketers in Kenya to share some of the unique strategies they’re implementing this year to extend reach, boost awareness and maximize revenue.

These were the top digital marketing trends for 2022 it came down to.

Top Digital Marketing Trends to Prepare For In 2022

The Metaverse

So this doesn’t refer to Facebook (entirely). The metaverse means the virtual world of virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D holographic avatars, and video—and not just one-time experiences such as gaming, but a continuous environment where people can work, play and socialize. From all indications, the metaverse seems to be the future of the internet.

Advice: Marketers should start seeking opportunities for their business in these spaces.

Privacy Challenges

We can all agree that successful digital marketing campaigns rely heavily on data. In recent times, we have had new privacy issues such as the iOS update, and soon enough, Google will phase out 3rd party cookies. These updates will totally reduce the amount of data available to digital advertisers.

Advice: Marketers should assess the impact these updates will have on their marketing and be dynamic.

The Demand For Digital Jobs Keep on Increasing

From a report released by LinkedIn, the demand for digital jobs is higher compared to recent years. However, there is also a massive gap between the in-demand skills and the digital skills available in the market.

Advice: Marketers should always work on upskilling to remain relevant, and the decision-makers should implement programs to encourage their staff to gain more skills.

Less SEO

SEO remains one of the most valuable forms of digital marketing. Historically, most brands have consistently produced content using SEO “tricks” and “hacks” to “beat” search engine algorithms. These included practices such as keyword stuffing, among others. However, these search algorithms have become more intelligent and contextual and have gradually prioritized meaningful user experiences.

Digital marketing

Advice: Marketers should focus less on SEO and more on excellent value and experience for their users.

Top Digital Marketing Trends For 2022 to Implement Now
LinkedIn is proliferating

LinkedIn continues to rise in the digital space. They have continuously managed to increase their monthly active users and engagements on the platform. They have also been actively releasing new features to drive better results for businesses.

Advice: Marketers should fully take advantage of LinkedIn.

Websites Get Faster

The majority of website traffic today uses mobile. Ironically, most websites don’t offer full mobile-optimized experiences. Since Google launched Core Web Vitals, website design and speed will become more important.

Advice: Marketers should ensure their websites are not only responsive but fully optimized for all devices.

Social Commerce

The eCommerce market is a rapidly growing industry. This growth led to social giants like Facebook and Instagram implementing shops on their platforms. The growth encouraged retailers like Walmart and Saks to experiment with selling on Instagram and Tiktok. Social media commerce will continue as brands seek to reduce the distance and time between discovery and conversion. They want to encourage prospects to make purchases without leaving their social platforms.

Advice: If you run an eCommerce store, it is the best time to set up and optimize social media shops on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Reels & Video Content

We saw reels gaining popularity in 2021. Their popularity even saw Tiktok increase the time limits for their videos to 3 minutes and Instagram reels from 30 to 60 seconds. This trend is still on in 2022, and brands will soon be taking advantage of Instagram and Tiktok reels to reach a wider audience and drive engagements. It, therefore, means that there will be a higher demand for short video content.

Advice:  Marketers should join the trend. Reels are an excellent way to drive brand awareness, traffic, and engagements.

According to experts from Devachi – A lead generation agency based in Kenya, digital marketing will keep getting complicated with each passing innovation, marketers and brands need to up their efforts to stay updated.

Do you have any ideas on the digital marketing trends to look out for in 2022? Please share your comment below.

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