How to Pay for D.light Products Via Mpesa Paybill Number

With a mission of transforming lives through the production of sustainable products, d.light is a leader in offering affordable solar power solutions. Over one hundred million people have benefited from the d.light company, they have sold their products in over seventy countries across the world. They started different stations of working in Africa, the United States, Asia, and China. The company is working hard to provide the most efficient, reliable, and affordable solar lighting systems to develop the world. In this article, we are going to look at how to pay for d.light products via Paybill number.

All d.light products have a warranty of two years. During this period a customer is allowed to return any product detected to have a problem and the company replaces the product immediately. The company offers more products like mobile phones, solar panels, touches, light appliances, and more at a pay-as-you-go service. This means that you can get either of their products for less money and use them as you pay. They also offer loan services where customers can take their products for letter payment. The company offers social impact, solar products, product comparison, quality warranty, and more other services.

On solar products, they offer solar home systems, solar lanterns, and solar appliances. The d.light company offers Samsung and Nokia phones. The company enhanced its services such that customers can send money and pay for their products easily via Paybill number. How to pay for d.light products via Paybill number is easy and customers do need to struggle when using M-pesa services. Paying for your d.light products is faster, convenient, and secure.

D.light Kenya Mpesa Paybill Number

D.light Kenya Paybill number is 215550. To pay for d.light products via Mpesa follow the procedure below.

The Procedure of How to Pay For d.light Products via Paybill Number
  1. Go to the Mpesa menu on your phone
  2. Choose the Lipa Na Mpesa option
  3. Paybill
  4. Select to enter business number
  5. Dial 215550 as your Paybill number and press OK
  6. Dial your account number and press Ok. The account number is your ID number
  7. Enter the amount you wish to pay for your products and dial OK
  8. Enter your Mpesa PIN
  9. Press Ok and read the screen message to confirm the details of the transaction about to make
  10. You will receive confirmation messages concerning your payment from both d.light and Mpesa.


You can also dial USSD *439# to register and access your account. You can also check tokens after payment, gift tokens, buy tokens, generate Tv tokens, view token history, and find a service center.  You can also use the USSD *334# to make payments by following the procedure below

The Procedure of How to Make Payments via USSD *334#
  1. Dial *334#
  2. Choose the Lipa Na Mpesa option
  3. Paybill
  4. Dial business number 215550
  5. Enter your d.light account number
  6. Enter the amount you wish to Pay for your products
  7. Enter your Mpesa PIN
  8. Accept the transaction about to happen
  9. You will receive confirmation messages concerning your payment.

You can also download the d.light app from google play and enjoy easy transaction services.

D.light Contacts

Phone number: 0800721110, +254110944900




Nairobi Business Park, Nairobi

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