Top 10 International Platforms For Remote Jobs

The world of freelancing is ever expanding and currently their are many remote task platforms than ever before. Remote working has taken the center stage and this has highly contributed to mass resignation across the world. The onset of Covid-19 led to the realization to many that staying closer to their families and being able to work at the comfort of your home is more fulfilling than the usual 8 am- 5 pm job. Various platforms are now offering online remote freelancing jobs that you can actually take on.

With this realization, many have gone online to try out various gigs and start their new career journey. And most of these freelancing jobs are paying way more than formal jobs. Why not join them? There are now hundreds of companies and online platforms that are offering remote jobs, from virtual assistance, transcribing, social media marketing and many more opportunities that continues to come up you can journey your own path.

These platforms give you opportunities to perform various tasks and earn your money straight to your account after completing the tasks. All you need to be able to perform these tasks is to have a stable internet connection and a computer. From here you will be able to signup on any platform across the world that offers remote jobs.

Below is a list of some of the best International Platforms for remote tasks

Top 10 International Platforms for Online Remote Tasks

  1. Remote Tasks

Remote Tasks has grown exponentially to be one of the top and go for remote tasks platforms for many. The platform has a variety of tasks, such as transcribing text and audio, labeling images, and labeling LiDAR data.

To get started, create an account on Remo Tasks by visiting the Sign-Up page, after that, you will be able to join, using your Facebook or Gmail account. Once in your account, you can start taking courses in the Remotasks Training Center. Then you can start tasking and earning!

Remote tasks Platforms

The is advisable you start with simpler tasks, and then you are highly encouraged to move to LiDAR and segment annotation tasks since those tend to pay the most and have a steady supply. Remote tasks has a number of job opportunities from self-driving car companies and T-shirt startups.

  1. Upwork


Upwork is a very big platform that enables creative people to meet ready clients on demand. Upwork began over two decades ago by pioneering a better way of working, helping businesses find more flexibility and connecting talent with more opportunities.

If you have any skills in Web development, project management, graphic design, Sales and Marketing, Admin and Customer Support, Finance and Accounting or even writing and translation, then app work is the perfect platform for your online jobs.

With Upwork, you determine your worth and you get paid once the task has been completed successfully.

  1. Fiverr


Just like Upwork, Fiverr is another great platform for international remote working opportunities. The platform has a chain of remote working opportunities such as Graphic and Web Design, Digital Marketing, Writing and Translation Video and Animation, Music and Audio, Programming and Tech, Business, Lifestyle, data and many more.

Fiverr creates opportunities for anyone in the world to build their business, brand, or dream. They use cutting-edge technologies to achieve this granting you an opportunity to work internationally at the comfort of your room.

  1. Task Rabbit

Task Rabbit is one major platform that connects many skilled people to online job opportunities. TaskRabbit is arguably the best thing to come out of the modern-day tech revolution. Hiring a Tasker can really help make every facet of your life a breeze.

Task Rabbit

  1. Guru

Guru is one of the best platforms for international gigs that one can work on remotely regardless of their location. The platform has over 800,000 employees worldwide serving millions of clients. On Guru, you will find tasks that can be performed remotely such as Programming and Web Development, Design and Art, Writing and Translation, Administrative and Secretarial, Legal, Education Training, engineering and Architecture, Business and Finance, Sales and Marketing and many more.


The platform is easy to use and all you need to do is signup and create a profile to start bidding for tasks as a freelancer.

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  1. People Per Hour

There’s never been a better time to take yourself online and start making money from your very own fine-tuned set of skills. Work wherever suits you, choose full-time, part-time, or flexi-time. On PeoplePerHour you remain in control of everything — including your price.


PeoplePerHour has high approval rate and one of the most preferred platforms for brands such as BBC, Business Insider, CNBC, Forbs and many more international media houses. The platform has over 3 million freelancers, covering over 8,000 skills.

  1. Freelancer

Freelancer is another well-known platform that offers remote work opportunities to millions of people across the globe. The platform offers over 1800 different categories of jobs that can be done remotely. From Web Design to Internet marketing, signing up on Freelancer can offer you the best opportunity to utilize your talent and earn real money at the comfort of your home.

Freelancer is the world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace by number of users and projects. The platform connects over 57,600,000 employers and freelancers globally from over 247 countries, regions and territories.

  1. Truelancer

Truelancer gathers skilled professionals who can afford to charge less because they come from areas with lower cost of living. That works well for both foreign freelancers and businesses looking to save, but not so much for local freelancers.

The platform has over 1 Million freelancers serving millions of clients across the globe. The platform boosts of over 500,000 projects that have been completed.

Among freelancing opportunities on the platform you can try out include; Programming and Web Development, Design and Art, Writing and Translation, Administrative and Secretarial, Legal, Education Training, engineering and Architecture, Business and Finance, sales and Marketing and many more

  1. Toptal

Toptal, which is a short form for “top talent,” has a simple but effective business plan: their community consists of only the top 3% of freelance talent in the industry. That means they promise only the highest quality workers, but you’ll have to pay the highest quality prices.

Toptal is an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers in the world. Top companies hire Toptal freelancers for their most important projects.

  1. Outsourcery

Outsourcery is another well know freelancing platform that has talented freelancers working remotely in over 180 countries.  This is a go for a platform for 500+ remote workers living all around the world

Outsourcely gives you the opportunity to set your price as a freelancer according to the nature of the task. Among the top freelancing activities, you can find on Outsourcery include; Web Designing, Content Writing Photoshop, Video editing, Mobile programming among others.

Unlike most platforms that charge commission on the amount paid, Outsourcery promised to pay 100% of the amount earned to remote workers.

Founded in 2014, the platform has over 400,000 remote workers from over 180 countries serving thousands of clients each month.

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