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Top 10 Security Cameras to Buy in Kenya (CCTV)

Thieves are getting smarter by the day and are devising new ways of breaking into buildings and stealing valuables without being detected. Therefore, installing security cameras in your house or business premises is crucial to deter them and protect your valuables from theft. If you are looking for security cameras to buy in Kenya, we have researched and produced a list of the top 10 security cameras (CCTV) to buy in Kenya. We believe they are top quality and reliable.

Commonly referred to as CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) or video surveillance, security cameras have different types and capabilities. Some are suitable to be installed inside the house, while others are designed for outer areas such as rooftops, walls, and the entrance of a building. Depending on the size of your building or area of coverage, you can always find an IT expert who will advise you on the number of security cameras to install and the best spots to place them to cover the entire building, both interior, and exterior.


Common Features of Security Cameras
  • Wide-angle lens: A good security camera has a wide lens that can focus on a larger area. Spending extra money to install many security cameras will not be necessary since only a few can cover more expansive areas.
  • Night vision capability: Night vision cameras use infrared technology to enable image capture even at night. The feature is great since thieves like to break into buildings during that time when everyone is asleep.
  • PTZ capability: PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) is a feature in a security camera that enables panning, tilting, and zooming remotely to view a clearer picture.
  • Sound detection: Apart from motion detection, there is a security camera feature that detects sound and sends an alert to the property owner.
  • Motion detection: This feature enables the security camera to send an alert when its motion sensors detect motion.
  • Two-way talk capability: This feature enables property owners to scare off burglars by talking to them when they try to gain access to their buildings. The camera has a small microphone and a speaker.
Factors to Consider When Buying Security Cameras in Kenya
  1. Purchase and installation costs: Even though your security is paramount, always consider buying security cameras whose purchase and installation costs fit your budget. Some pricy security cameras have the same features as cheap ones. It is best to research the prices first before settling on one.
  2. Security camera features: You should consider buying security cameras with multiple features such as Motion detection, sound detection, sirens, and night vision capability.
  3. Security status of the area: Before buying security cameras for your building, you should first know if the area is prone to insecurity such as theft. If the area is prevalent with security threats, consider installing security cameras that cover the entire building, inside and outside.
  4. Indoor or outdoor security cameras: Some security cameras are designed for outdoor use only, while others are designed for indoor installation. Outdoor security cameras are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions like the sun’s heat, rainwater, strong winds, and dust. Choose the type of camera according to where you intend to install it.
  5. Wireless or wired camera: Unlike wired security camera networks, wireless security cameras use wireless networks such as the internet or Wi-Fi. The network can be connected to a smartphone to alert the property owner if there is a security breach in the building.
  6. Resolution of the security camera: The resolution of a security camera is measured in megapixels (MP). Consider buying a security camera with higher resolutions because the higher the megapixels of a security camera, the better the image quality.
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List of the Top 10 Best Security Cameras to Buy in Kenya (CCTV)

There are different types of security cameras you can buy in Kenya. If you need them, you can visit electronic stores in Kenya’s major towns or order for them online through online retail stores like Jumia. Below is a list of the best security cameras to buy in Kenya:

1.    Hikvision 720P Dome Camera

Hikvision 720p Dome Camera is one of the best security cameras to buy in Kenya. As the name suggests, its picture clarity is rated 720P but can be improved further by connecting to a 1080P DVR for even better picture clarity. Its motion detection ability is crucial in saving disc space and can be connected to an alarm system. The security camera also has infrared night vision of up to 20m.

The good thing about the Hikvision 720P Dome Camera is that it uses only a 12v direct current power supply, with a current of less than 1 ampere. It also switches automatically between day and night modes. It has a flat base that makes it ideal to be mounted on flat surfaces like the ceiling. The security camera is designed for indoors but can be used outdoors because of its moisture-proof cover.

2.    Generic Mini Wireless Hidden Camera

Generic Mini Wireless Hidden Camera is a small, portable camera with an inbuilt battery that can be charged. It is compatible with android and iOS operating systems, therefore, can be used with smartphones. The camera can be placed in hidden places in the room to secretly record activities without being detected. It has a MicroSD slot where you can insert a memory card for storage of the recordings.

The Generic Wireless Hidden Camera is equipped with infrared night vision, motion detection with push alerts, and can cover 150 degrees angle.

3.    Hikvision Outdoor Bullet CCTV Camera

Hikvision Outdoor Bullet CCTV Camera is an outdoor security camera that you can buy in Kenya. It records high-quality and detailed videos. It’s easy to install and does not require much expertise. You just have to connect the cables to the DVR, and you’re good to go. After

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Installation, You can connect the cameras to your smartphone or PC and watch live activities in your building from anywhere.

Hikvision Outdoor Bullet CCTV Camera has a night vision feature with over 40 infrared sensors that can record clear images even in darkness. After sunset, the camera automatically switches to night view mode and switches back at dawn.

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4.    Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera

If you are looking for a security camera to buy in Kenya, Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera will serve you well. It has a 110-degree angle which focuses on a fairly wide area. With its 20 megapixels and 1080p resolutions, you can be sure to get high-quality pictures from it, including pictures in the background. The security camera supports upto 64GB microSD.

It has the infrared night vision feature to record clear images at night. It can also detect motion and send alerts to the property owner. It comes with an in-built microphone and speaker for the talk-back feature.

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera
Photo Courtesy
5.    Loosafe Surveillance Smart Nanny Camera

As the name suggests, Loosafe Surveillance Smart Nanny Camera is ideal for watching children in the house when you leave your house for some time. The camera uses the fisheye lens for 360 degrees auto-tracking and to focus on the entire room. Its resolution of 1920px1080p and 2 megapixels brings out a clear picture. It has video compression technology that enables you to watch fluent live video streaming on your cellphone.

The security camera also has a two ways audio system for audio recording and communication. It has a motion detection and alerts system to alert you as soon as it detects movements and has 3 pieces of infrared light for night vision, and a floodlight that can be used for illumination.

6.    Generic 360° Panoramic Bulb Camera

Generic 360° panoramic bulb Camera is one of the best security cameras to buy in Kenya. It is a bulb camera that can be installed by simply screwing it on the electricity bulb socket. It has a 360° panoramic view using its fisheye camera. To set up the network configurations, you have to install its compatible app and follow the user manual instructions, or follow the voice prompts.

The camera uses infrared technology to enable it to take clear pictures at night. Its motion detection feature allows it to detect movements and send alerts to you.

Generic 360° panoramic bulb Camera
Photo Courtesy
7.    Xiaomi Mijia Security Camera

Xiaomi Mijia is one of the best IP security cameras to buy in Kenya. It has a pan and tilt feature supported by two silent motors for a 360° panoramic view. The motors produce inaudible sounds when at work. Xiaomi Mijia Security Camera has 10 pieces of infrared sensors to bring out clear images at night from a distance of up to 9 meters.

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Other key features of the camera include motion detection, two-way audio for communication and audio recording, and support for both Android and iOS operating systems.

8.    Loosafe Solar Security Camera

One outstanding feature about the Loosafe Solar Security Camera is that it uses solar energy as its power supply. The security camera comes with a solar panel that charges built-in batteries to power it, so all the power needs are sorted, and no need to worry about power consumption. The camera has a waterproof body, ideal for use outdoors.

Loosafe Solar Security Camera uses intelligent power-saving technology where it is quick to transition from hibernation to active mode and vice versa. A two-way audio system for intercommunication, motion detection, and night videos are some of its key features.

9.    Generic A9 Mini WiFi Surveillance Camera

If you are looking for a mini security camera to buy in Kenya, the Generic A9 Mini Wi-Fi Surveillance Camera is one of the best. It has an in-built rechargeable battery that can work while charging. Without any indicator or sound, it is a hidden camera that nobody can notice its presence.

The camera has a strong magnet that enables it to be mounted on different areas like under the table, roof, or ceiling. For interconnection with devices, the surveillance camera creates a Wi-Fi hotspot that can connect to compatible devices such as computers and smartphones.

Generic A9 Mini Wi-Fi Surveillance Camera
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10.  Hikvision Doorbell Camera

Hikvision Doorbell Camera is an outdoor security camera that is activated when a visitor rings the doorbell. It has a two-way audio system that you can use to talk to your visitor by pressing the ‘answer’ button. The camera is ideal for installation outside since it has a hard waterproof and dustproof cover.

Hikvision Doorbell Camera can be connected to a 12v electric lock, enabling the user to open the door using an unlock button on the monitor. It has 5 Infrared LEDs that are used for night vision.

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Even though they vary with different features and prices, you can always find security cameras to buy in Kenya that fit your budget and serve your security needs. Installing security cameras in your building might look costly, but then, losing your properties to theft is even more costly. Having security cameras installed in your home or business premises is a long-term solution and only a small price you can pay upfront to avoid losing your valuables to thieves.

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