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List of Best Cyber Security Companies in Kenya

Cyber security is a much needed security measure in the current world. Firms that carry out sensitive transactions and especially in information or financial sectors need a robust cyber security plan. Every business person in this ever changing technological world should be aware of the importance of protecting data.Be it on a computer or telephone device cyber security is very key.

Below is a list of the best Cyber security companies in Kenya that have an outstanding record in Cyber security involving protecting networks, computer systems, software, data, programs, and servers from malicious attacks, damage, or unauthorized access.

List Of Best CyberSecurity Firms In Kenya
  1. Serianu
  2. East Africa Recovery Experts
  3. East Africa Hi Tech Solutions
  4. Cyber Security Africa
  5. Inceptor Kenya
  6. Central Information System International (CISI Kenya)
  7. Enovise Cyber Security Company
  8. Crystal Technologies
  9. WhiteLeaf Group
  10. Protec
  11. Techinnovar Limited

Below we shall look at what each company provides and what makes it different from the other one.

  1. Serianu Limited

Serianu Limited has an outstanding record in providing cyber security services. The company supports over 200 organizations in Kenya and beyond. It has a robust 24 hours support system that ensures that you are always protected. Among the services they provide include but not limited to information security, data analytics and technology advisory- network security, application security, cyber security and cloud security.

  1. East Africa Recovery Experts

They pride themselves as the best company in terms of data recovery. East Africa recovery Experts promises you of high chances of recovering your data should you lose it. They retrieve data from Hard Drives, Laptops, desktops, Raid Systems, Network-Attached Storages (NAS), Storage Area Network (SAN), Tapes, Servers, SAS and SCSI Hard Drives, Memory Cards, Mobile Phones, Flash Drives, Solid State Drives and Ransonware Encryption. They have successfully served over 50,000 clients.

They can be contacted through 0716079961

  1. East Africa Hi Tech Solutions

East Africa Hi Tech Solutions is a leading provider of cyber security solutions and services in the Kenya & East Africa, with over 8 years of experience. They offer a wide range of services, including: Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Ransomware Incident Response Plan, Network security, Application security, Data security, Cloud security and Managed security services

East Africa Hi Tech Solutions is a trusted partner to many corporates and businesses in Kenya. They are committed to providing their clients with the highest quality cyber security solutions and services.


Phone Number: +254714 883783

Physical offices: Westpark Towers, 1st Floor, Mpesi Lane, Nairobi, Kenya


  1. Cyber security Africa

Cyber security Africa is a leading cyber security company in Africa with its headquarters in Nairobi Kenya. They offer Endpoint security, vulnerability Management and data security to Internet and mobile banking systems and Computer Forensics. They also offer Security consultancy and security training to companies, organizations and government departments.

Contacts: Phone: 0722 102 854

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  1. Inceptor Kenya

Inceptor Kenya offer Tech Solutions ranging from; Web Design & Development, Software Development, Mobile App Development, Cyber security, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Payment Integration, Computer Repair & Mobile Repair Services.They are among the leading cyber security firms in Kenya.

  1. Central Information system International

Central Information Systems International (CISI Kenya) is a leading Cyber security firm that focuses on providing services to businesses and individuals from Server / Network Security, Information Security, Server network Support, IT consultancy, Business Process Outsourcing (B.P.O.), Web Hosting Services, Corporate Email / Messaging solutions and Networking, IT Hardware & Software products.

They specialize in looking after the computing requirements of small to medium sized businesses in all areas. CISI provides a complete service to customers, looking after their whole network infrastructure.

cyber data

  1. Enovise Cyber Security Company

Enovise Cyber security Company is a well-recognized cybersecurity company that provides cutting edge cybersecurity technologies and solutions to government agencies, financial institutions, and other organizations, primarily to protect their network infrastructure against cyber threats or attacks.

Contacts: +254 714 370 253, +254 727 950 013


  1. Crystal technologies Limited

Crystal Technologies is a leading ICT and software provider located in Nairobi. It offers complete end to end solutions such as cybersecurity, web solutions, unified communications, software solutions, networking, and infrastructure.

  1. Whiteleaf Group

White Leaf Group is an information Technology Intergrator and solution provider that operates in Kenya. White Leaf has been in existence since 2014. Some of its business partners include companies and ventures, such as Kepware, Thingworx,Enforcive, Dell among others. They offer comprehensive cyber security solutions.

  1. Protec

Last on our list is Protec. Protec is a Kenyan based firm that offers specialized services in areas such as cybersecurity, blockchain services, IT risk management, information systems audit, penetration testing, data security, network security, incident response, and cyber forensics.

Contacts: +254 20 2722485

    11. Techinnovar Limited

Techinnovar Limited is a leading Cyber Security Company headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. They provide Information Security Solutions to the Government, Corporates, SME, and Private sectors with Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Software and Web Development services. Their major  focus is geared to helping their clients achieve business continuity and derive value from their investment in secure information technology systems and apparatus.

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