Top 10 Catering Companies in Kenya

In events that you hold, food that you present to your guests matters a lot. It can either make your event to be successful or gap it before it ends. It requires you to grab the best catering companies in Kenya that can cite appetizing meals on the table leaving abiding memories in minds of people. Hiring professional catering company will not only conceive a useful environment for you but also will roll off a huge burden from your shoulders thus saving time.

In Kenya, this is the most used method in several events. Catering experts provide bountiful services which comprise of setting the table, lighting the event area, offering tents, public address services, music, decorating the area before the event and sanitation of the area after the event. In wedding events, funeral, birth day parties, social events and others, you need the best catering companies in Kenya. Reading this article will help you choose the best catering company in Kenya and applicable information you need to know. The following is a list of the best catering companies in Kenya.

List of Best Catering Companies in Kenya
  1. Personal Chef Services by Chef Jonathan

Top on the list are Personal Chef Services by Chef Jonathan, the company offers protein breakfast concept for recovery and intense workouts. They respond quickly and attend to the guests accordingly. It is opened 24 hours from Monday to Sunday.

Personal chef Services

Phone number: 0700192297

Location: Nairobi

  1. Aspire Catering and Event Services

Aspire catering is among best catering companies in Kenya, is open from 8am to 8pm from Monday to Friday, 24 hours on Saturday and 1pm to 6pm on Sunday, offer mouthwatering meals for wedding, parties and more other events. Their menu includes mukimo, marigu, vegetable, rise, beef stew, nchaabi and sweet salad. When hired, the catering company works according to clients need. They come along with tents and chairs.

Phone number: 0729845842

Location: Meru, Kenya



  1. Lime Catering

Lime catering offers unparalleled food delivery and event services. The company also offers cooking classes and training courses. They have food delivery services within Nairobi. Lime freezes meals and make them readily available to customers and guests. Offer lunch drop-off like, sandwiches, salads, rolls and wraps. They also offer catering training for both adults and children. For meeting catering, home entertaining, canapés, BBQ food delivery to make an order click here . It is opened at 8am to 4pm from Monday to Friday and breaks on Saturday and Sunday.

Lime Catering

Phone number: 07 080 849 51



Location: Karen Village Ngong, Nairobi

  1. Kates Caterers

Kate’s caterers are doing better; they offer fresh blended juice with a variety of fruits and delicious meals. The company ensures that guests have a sumptuous meal that is perfectly presented. They always purpose to offer smart services. Kate Caterers are specialists in serving mouthwatering cuisines on occasions.

Phone number: 0722288092/ 0738860198



Location: Mpweke Lane, Nairobi

  1. Paramount Caterers

Paramount specialties include Swahili dishes, Indian dishes, Chines dishes, African dishes and continental dishes. The company has a long time experience in this sector. They provide premium catering services to the corporate and individuals. Their menu include nyama choma, meet stew, greens and more

Phone number: 0713 333 335



Location: Bunyala Road, Upperhill, Nairobi, Kenya

  1. Divine Caterers

Divine caterers are among the top-performing catering companies in Kenya, they offer cooking services in all types of events, that is wedding, pre-wedding services, functions, conferences, corporate and more office functions. They aim to satisfy customers with delicious meals in any event. The company has a team of professional chefs that offers great innovative services in buffet, seated dinner, cocktail party, fundraiser and other occasions, operating from 8am to 5pm from Monday to Friday, 8am to 12pm on Saturday and break on Sunday

Phone number: 0723 501 214



  1. Olive Kitchen Caterers

Olive caterers offer best services in corporate, BBQ, wedding and party catering, they are located in Nairobi, Kenya. The catering company is open 24 hours from Monday to Sunday, they have and amazing services to their customers at affordable prices. The menu include cornflake and paprika crusted fish fingers with lemon aioli, sticky hot and sweet chicken wings, Indian herb and garlic meatballs with fresh tomato herb, nyama choma, rosemary and tomato Kuku choma and more

Phone number: 0731 501 501



  1. Unique Concepts Limited

Unique concepts limited as among best catering company in Kenya, have a fairy-tale wedding reception, available to offer flexible services at your office, venue or home. The company guarantees that the culinary details of the event will exceed your expectation. It is located in Nairobi South B

Phone number: 0722 834 774



  1. Benjoes Grill Caterers

Benjoes Grill caterers are company is opened from 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Sunday providing high-end catering services at affordable prices. They offer great service in holiday party, corporate picnic, wedding, fundraising, large regional events and more other events in Nairobi

Phone number: 0702 616 612/ 0712 793 476



  1. Milimani Backpackers

Milimani Backpackers offer country wide catering services in all types of events. They maintain high cleanliness during the event; they offer free Wi-Fi in their hotel and lounge at affordable prices. Have experiences chefs to produce delicious meals to your visitors, they came along with their tents and plates which provide a nice moment to guests.

Phone number: 0722 347 616


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