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Self Awareness

Have you ever had a soul scrutinizing to try to understand who you really are? What do you think defines you? Who are you? Basically at one point we desire to understand who we really  are and live a satisfactory life. If that’s your desire, do things that revolve around the true you the substance you/ tangible self and life will give you a fulfilling desire and taste and you’ll find that inner joy of being yourself, the real you and not a fake you, find joy within yourself. So in order to understand better on who really you are, think of these things:

 What you would freely and joyfully desire to do.

There are things that are part of us, an activity that you would find yourself doing without being asked to do so or being forced to. The desire to do such an activity is a great push that you wouldn’t mind if its in order to do it or wait to follow the protocol. It gives you a push to overlook the protocol but follow your heart and that’s only when you find peace and fill satisfied.
What are some of the things that you would give first priority? Imagine of a difficult situation or a tight schedule, what is this one thing that would make you go off your schedule? That’s one of the things to tell who you really are.


Well, let’s see what is this thing you would like to do given the opportunity. There are achievements we would love to make but get limited to materials or finances or other resources. You would say if only I could make it in this and that it would bring me that peace, that satisfactory feeling that finally it’s done. It could be something you see out of order and would love to fix it. Or something you wish to bring into awareness, all these defines the inner and real you.

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Mhh, what’s your dream? What do you want to see in the next 5-10 years to come? Every young person has a dream that one day I would like to have this and that. Those things you envision to have are wired to the self you. They are linked to your personality, desire and interests.


With a list of places which is this one place you would choose to be? What’s that one special feature(s) in there to make you go for it and not any other place? What is this thing that captures your attention? If you were taken to a place with many things what’s this one thing that you would land on? A man took his children upcountry during vacation upon returning he asked them what they saw at home. The first son couldn’t hide his love for the pets and narrated how he enjoyed playing with dogs and cats. The second son narrated how pleased he was to have tended the flower garden and the quality time he spent there admiring it’s beauty. Well there were so many things to see but each got attracted to what they really loved. Look at the people that are close to you, that’s what you are attracted to because you see in them that which is in you.

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We all believe in something. We have a reference to something that we put our trust in. The way we view things our actions tend to revolve around such a belief. There are people who believe that for you to succeed in life you have to work hard, on the contrary others believe its by luck. Each will be acting as per their believe. One guy will be toiling hard the other guy will be idle under no pressure waiting for luck to knock their way. I heard of a conversation between two sisters arguing. Seeing street children and one of them gets emotional. She expresses how she would love to speak to those children and see if they could be helped. The other criticises and says speaking to them won’t change anything, go build houses for them or wait for government to do something. One believed in the power of word. Speaking life and hope to change their perception on life, the other believed in the act of construction. Each one of us lives, thinks and does things in line with what we believe in.

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Strengths and Weaknesses

There’s nothing as good as being sincere to yourself. Have you ever accepted the fact that you have shortcomings which really suck? Ever had a list of more than seven weaknesses? Well if yes, big up to you. You are not far from knowing who you really are. Take those weaknesses positively, accept that that’s who you are and now try to come up with ways to positively change your weakness to strengths. It has never been difficult to know your strengths. Cultivate on such and will make you move to greater heights than you could have imagined. Understanding your character and personality is very key. Either through your very own lenses or through how other people see you. Take note of it and will help you know something about yourself.

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