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Know about 5G and how it is going to change the world

5G network is at hand and it is at the center stage of changing the world. It will not only change telecommunication sector but it is also a key player in making new experiences possible in Virtual Reality,Artificial Intelligence, Self Driven Cars and Smart homes.
Tech companies such as Huawei , Intel and Qualcomm have developed 5G modems that will fit into phones,Cars smart homes devices among others.
Companies and big organizations are already pivoting themselves to tap into this new technology.
More Technology companies are also expected to spearhead the development and laying infrastructure to map the whole world
In data usability and penetration tens of megabits per second will now be shared to tens of thousands of users in real time. This makes 5G the fastest network ever.

Let us now get in depth of how fast 5G is. We have experienced remarkable improvement in the network generations, 2G,3G,4G and now here comes 5G. The big question is why 5G and how is it different from the predecessors? Well at the beginning i mentioned notable differences that sets 5G apart from the former generations.

Network Download Speed

3G   384Kbps
4G   100Mbps
5G   1-10Gbps or higher

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Its no wonder we have experienced supremacy battle between the US and China over the control of this 5G network. China has been on the forefront to build this Network and has been directly involved in helping Russia develop the 5G network.

With 5G, we can now experience the fasted download speed ever . It takes an average of 7-3 Minutes to download a full HD movie but with 5G the same film is downloaded in seconds
All said and done, this good development comes with its own fair of challenges. Developing and laying the infrastructure for this 5G network is expensive and this may affect the consumer.

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