Qualifications For Nursing Course in Kenya

Nursing remains one of the most popular courses in Kenya. The minimum entry requirement in nursing is a C- in KCSE  for a certificate course and qualifications for Diploma in Nursing is C plain while degree course requires at least a C+. The Nursing Council of Kenya has stipulated the entry requirements for the program at diploma level. We shall particularly discus qualifications for nursing course in Kenya at different level.

Most people miss out on pursuing their favorite courses in nursing due to lack of information and know how on the qualifications for nursing course in Kenya.

With no doubt nursing is a noble profession and it is one of the most sought after course in the country. Most of the courses in Nursing are easily accessible because they are offered by majority of hospitals. Certificate in nursing is the lowest level one can be allowed to practice nursing.

Certificate in Nursing Qualifications

Certificate in nursing is the lowest course in nursing and takes two and a half years to complete. It is important to note that other courses offered at nursing colleges usually take a period of 2 years. To qualify for any of these courses, one is required to have a minimum of C- (Minus) KCSE grade.

One is also required to have relevant combination of subjects done to match the desired course. Application for certificate in nursing cane be done through KMTC campuses all over the country after ensuring that the minimum requirements are met.

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Qualifications for Diploma in Nursing

For one to undertake a diploma in nursing, one is required to have obtained a minimum grade of C plain and above or its equivalent. Holders of Certificate in nursing are eligible to apply for a diploma course as long as they comply with the set guidelines. The for holders of C plain in the KCSE exams,the minimum entry criteria for diploma curse is as below..

Aggregate grade: C Plain
Mandatory Subjects:

Biology or Biological Sciences: C Plain
English or Kiswahili: C Plain
Grade C- in any of the following subjects: Physical Sciences, Physics, Mathematics, General Science, Physics with Chemistry and NOT Clothing and Textiles.

Qualifications For Higher Diploma in Nursing

Nurses with diploma qualifications can scale up to a higher diploma. This higher diploma course is only open to individuals who have successfully completed basic diploma in nursing or a relevant field. In addition to having a diploma, candidates must have a minimum of two years working experience before they can qualify. The duration for a higher diploma is usually one year. The minimum entry criteria for a higher diploma are as follows;

Diploma in KRN/M, KRCHN or a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing

A minimum of two years working experience as a registered in a hospital environment

Be registered by the Nursing Council of Kenya and be in possession of a valid practicing license.

Qualification For A Degree Course in Nursing

For one to be able to train as an undergraduate in Nursing, one must have acquired the minimum university entry points for the nursing course or be a holder of a diploma from a recognized institution. Below are the minimum requirements for an individual to undertake a degree course in Nursing;

  • Candidates for admission must obtain the prescribed minimum grade of C+ in K.C.S.E. With minimum requirements in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and English or Kiswahili, or the following:
  • Biological Sciences, Physical Science, Mathematics, English or Kiswahili and one subject from group two of K.C.S.E.
  • Alternatively, admission may be granted to outstanding diploma holders from recognized Nursing Colleges. Such candidates must: Hold a diploma with credit or distinction from such Colleges.
  • Be supported in their application by a statement from the principal of that college to the effect that their performance in the diploma course was exceptionally good and that their understanding of basic sciences is such that they will be able to benefit from a degree course.
  • Any candidates currently employed shall have their application supported by a statement from their employer.

Various university may have different minimum requirements for the undergraduate entry level. But one thing that remains the same is the minimum KCSE entry grades.

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